Types Of Terrariums To Decorate The Interior Of Your Home

5 Types Of Terrariums To Decorate The Interior Of Your Home

The terrariums can be considered a small garden available inside the house, capable of presenting a minimalist proposal, where you can include different species of plants to guarantee an appreciable decorative level in the home. That is why today they have become better known and many people are choosing to create different models, even using recyclable materials.


Generally the best terrariums are usually manufactured in glass containers that allow you and those who visit your home to visualize the amount of elements used for their preparation and the way they are distributed, being able to offer a beautiful view of a fully recreated habitat for Keep the plant you prefer safe.

In this sense, we talk about creations that could bring to your home the freshness and touch of nature you need to even purify the air. Best of all, its manufacturing does not depend on the investment of a lot of money, therefore, some people value the fact that it is an easy, fast and economical idea to carry out.

It should be noted that there are countless terrariums that you could prepare, because if you search on the internet you will find many designs with unique characteristics. Also, this idea is also considered by those people who enjoy gardening projects, but do not have space at home to recreate a garden as they would like. For this reason, they seek to bet on the creation of terrariums to position in different spaces, in even there are attractive miniature terrariums, capable of attracting the attention of any person by the way they are presented, being attractive and very easy to maintain , depending on the kind of plant they have inside.

If we talk about the creation of these decorative terrariums it is important to mention the fact that using recycled containers could be very economical and environmentally friendly. For your part, you could consider places such as a bedside table, a desk, an entertainment center or any such space limited in the home for the location of these small habitats.

It is important to mention that the most common plants used in these terrariums are usually tropical and subtropical, since they are usually easier to adapt, because of the type of climate they need to stay healthy, to the point of being able to survive for a long time. depending on the care you can give them. On the other hand, for those who start in the world of terrariums, they could consider those of the desert type, since they can be manufactured with plants capable of withstanding drought such as cacti and succulents.

After so much description, below, we will give you special information about some types of terrariums that you could make to decorate your home and give it an attractive natural touch.




Fish tank terrarium

As you can imagine, there are fish tanks that you could use as special containers for terrariums, thanks to the specifications they have, being the first advantage that they are made of glass, which allows you to visualize the interior of said terrarium in its entirety.

If so, you would have the opportunity to recreate a forest if you wanted inside the fish tank by adding different elements such as medium stones, mosses, logs, as well as the species of plants you prefer to keep them in perfect conditions under the special care they require.


Terrariums in glasses

The idea of terrariums also has to do with the imagination of each one, so much so that some people have dared to make some using glass cups. Although it seems a daring idea, the truth is that it ends up being very attractive in the sight of anyone.

In this way, you could carry out the action of making a terrarium comfortably using the cups that you no longer use at home. Also, if these are of varied sizes, you could choose to recreate a mini garden with small cacti, succulent earth and stones.


Terrarium in glass bells

For those who are lovers of glass bells, these could also be an ideal element to create diversity of terrariums, including different species of plants inside to keep them safe, healthy and radiant. In this way, you could not miss the opportunity to make beautiful terrariums with moss, stone paths and managing to add some fantasy accessories, which can recreate a habitat that even seems magical.




Hanging Terrariums

Fully innovative are hanging terrariums, because without a doubt they steal anyone’s eyes, especially when it comes to miniature models. These you could find available in the market in different geometric designs even. In this way, it would be ideal to acquire diversity of them and assemble a terrarium using a combination of sizes and shapes until you can finally hang it near the window where the plants can receive all the natural light they require.


Terrarium in light bulbs

If you thought you had seen everything, let us tell you that you could also use the light bulbs to create your most striking and innovative terrariums. In this sense, we are also talking about using recyclable materials to contribute even to the environment. With this element, you could manufacture the miniature ones, especially using very small plants. Of course, according to experts, it is recommended to perform a good cleaning of the bulbs before being used, managing to remove from its interior all kinds of content that may be harmful to the plants. In this way, recreate the habitat you want, whether tropical, desert or aquatic will not be a problem for you.

After assessing some of the ideas mentioned above, it will only be up to you to put your imagination to work, to create the best terrariums making use of such basic elements that in the end they can be very useful and capable of providing a special decorative level. Likewise, you will have to be very aware of watering the plants and giving them the care they deserve so that these terrariums are a success.


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