Tractive GPS Tracker Reviews OF 2020

In this blog post, I will give an idea about the Tractive GPS tracker reviews of 2020. Hope, you will enjoy it.                                  

Main Advantage:

This collar has GPS technology, so your dog is less likely to get lost in the field or park. This is because the owner can observe the position of the pet from an application for the phone.

Main Disadvantage:  

The anchorage of the GPS device to the collar could be better since the support does not seem to be very safe for a dog because this type of pet runs, plays and moves abruptly.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

With this GPS collar, the dog can be very well monitored because the application of the phone allows you to create virtual fences. If the pet crosses these fences, an alarm will be activated that will immediately notify its owners. 

Main Features Explained

Real-time monitoring

The GPS Tractive could be the best dog collar of the moment, because, thanks to this product, the pet owner will have real-time tracking of the location of the pet. The advantage of this function of the collar is that, although sometimes dogs are naughty and playful, they will not be lost, as people will know where they are and where they are going at all times.

When talking about real-time we mean that the GPS collar does not send previous recordings, but the information that is happening at the moment, so that users never lose sight of their pets.

In addition to this, we mentioned that thanks to this quality, the owner will not have to run after the pet, but may drive in his car to the place where she has been lost. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, the route will be more or less long.   

On the other hand, it should be noted that the owner can be at work or go for a walk with his friends while watching the location of the pet on his phone, so he can be calm, even if he is away from home.

SIM card and history

The GPS device has a SIM card inside that needs an annual subscription to be able to operate it. After configured it will be very easy to connect from a computer or phone to see the location of your pet on a practical map.

This product serves in more than 150 countries and uses a GSM network, so you can associate it with different network providers, depending on where you are. In addition, you can choose between several mobile phone plans, according to your preferences and requirements; also, according to the opinions of some users, the subscription is not very expensive. This is an advantage because it will not depend on WiFi or Bluetooth signal, but on a direct connection with the operator, that is, via satellite. Instead, Bluetooth connections only offer to track until the signal is lost, for example, 12 meters or less. Also, WiFi technology only provides signal up to a distance, so it is not very safe when we are talking about dog collars. 

Moreover, this product not only shows where your dog is but also the places through which it has passed. In this way, you will know the places of interest or most visited by your pet in the sector where you live. And all these thanks to the Location History feature offered by the product.


In relation to its design, this collar model is for dogs weighing 4.5 kg or more, which means that it is suitable for pets of various sizes and breeds. In addition, it is very versatile, as it offers the possibility of creating virtual fences that will look like circles in the application of the computer or telephone, covering several meters away. Once the pets cross the virtual fences the GPS device will send the information to the application and an alarm will be activated. That is an alert sound that will alert you so that your pet does not continue to move away from the safe area.

On the other hand, the application brings the possibility of sharing the location with several teams, so that other people in the family can also know where the pet is. In this way, the dog will be better protected and the owners will prevent it from being lost.

In addition to this, we mention that this dog collar is resistant and durable, even, it is waterproof, so, even if it rains, the user can track your pet in real-time.

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