3 Reasons That Explain Why It Is Not Advisable To Sleep With The Dog

Having a dog can be very important in the lives of many people, to the point of sleeping together in the same bed. But it is necessary to take into consideration that this habit can cause problems in the behavior of the dog, it can be a focus of diseases for humans and it can even alter our sleep.

If you are one of those who think that it is not so bad to sleep with your pet, especially if it is a tender puppy, or if you live alone and have this roommate, then you should know that this option is not highly recommended, because when it grows the puppy and adopt his sleeping habits could be uncomfortable sleeping with him in the same bed; or in the case of finding a partner, the fact of having accustomed your dog to sleep with you could cause a marital conflict; without forgetting that, perhaps, later a third party will come to occupy his space; So it would be a good idea to opt for a dog bed.

Now, we can see that there are many opinions regarding the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with a dog, but it will all depend on our decision to want to share the bed with our canine friend, since it is probably not so bad, provided that the dog is found in good health, free of parasites and totally clean. Although, if the dog walks the street routinely, it is inevitable that it will get dirty or that it can acquire some contagious disease. In the following lines, we will address 3 reasons that we consider to explain in a simple way why we should not sleep with the dog in the same bed. 

  1. Behavior problems in the dog

According to opinions of canine behavior specialists, sleeping with the dog can cause problems in his behavior, since he could become anxious, insecure, aggressive and can even become depressed, he will even pretend to mark his territory in that space by urinating on the sheets, which is probably going to get angry and you will get attention, but the dog will not understand. 

Additionally, sleeping with the dog can cause problems with your partner, due to the lack of space and privacy in your room, which will surely provide some family discussions. In this order of ideas, we advise you not to make this decision to sleep with your pet, since it is not the most appropriate option for the emotional health of the dog; so, the best thing would be to look for what dog bed to buy to give your pet its own space, to avoid problems of this kind.

  1. The focus of infection and diseases for humans

It is important to know that dogs have in their body a considerable amount of microorganisms that are not visible to the human eye, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, fungi, etc. Remember that when you go out for a walk, these animals tend to snoop around their surroundings or go out to do their needs. 

If you are an allergic person, mites or dead skin cells are a focus of allergies, which can occur at any time regardless of age, so it is not advisable to sleep with the dog in the same bed. In addition, fleas and ticks are the most common external parasites that nest in the dog’s body and fur, which are a major focus of infections caused by such parasites and that can cause serious diseases, this being another reason not to sleep with the dog.

Another situation that can occur while the dog is sleeping is his instinct to scratch, so he could accidentally hurt you and that wound could become infected. On the other hand, it is appropriate to highlight that in the case of those people who have a weak immune system, such as young children, older adults, and pregnant women, for obvious reasons they cannot sleep with these pets since they can get diseases in a way faster.

  1. Sleep disturbance

There are those who believe that the best way to rest is achieved by sleeping alone, without animals or people by our side. If you have a partner, you probably do not accept that they sleep in separate rooms, but it is also not recommended that your pet lies in bed with you. 

In this sense, you should know that body movement, nightmares and even snoring, are capable of impacting the quality of our sleep, which prevents a good rest because we will wake up during the night. But if you additionally suffer from insomnia, your sleep is very light or if you have other problems sleeping, the fact that your dog sleeps with you can aggravate your situation.

So, keep in mind that the habit of sleeping with our canine friend could alter the hours of rest because the time you have to sleep will be interrupted. Also, during the weekends it will be a problem to sleep with the dog, because you will probably want to stay longer in your bed, but the dog will lick you to wake up and take him to do his physiological needs.

Another aspect that could affect our sleep is the fact of the body temperature that animals and people have during the night since in both cases the body temperature of one is very different from that of the other, which descends in a state of rest. If it is very hot, you probably do not want your dog full of hair to approach your bed, because it will be an oven, especially if he is used to sleeping next to you, although in times of cold it may seem fun and warm to sleep with the dog.

Other tips

If despite these reasons outlined, you consider it a good idea to sleep with your dog, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian at least every 6 months, to evaluate your pet and can rule out any disease. 

It is important to keep track of your vaccination schedule and comply with all of your vaccinations. We recommend you to regularly deworm your dog, both internally and externally; clean your legs after going for a walk; bathe your pet every month and brush his fur well so that dead hair can be removed, which will also help in the prevention of parasites.

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