Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control

3 Keys To Make Your Cat Happy With The Sandbox

All those who have cats as pets agree that these animals are clean when going to the bathroom, so they should be offered a hygienic and quiet space. In this sense, the cat litter is the most common solution, but you need to take care of certain aspects so that your cat is motivated to use it.


In the market of veterinary articles and pet care there are numerous types of cat arenas that you can deposit in a special box made by you or those that are sold in any specialized store. However, there are also greener alternatives such as sepiolite, this natural mineral has a good level of absorption. But it does not eliminate bad odors and usually produces a lot of dust. Other more environmentally friendly materials are coconut fiber, wood chips, sawdust, recycled paper scraps, among others.

But before choosing the appropriate filling for the box and your cat, we want to talk about other aspects that should be taken into account, especially if it is the first time you have a cat at home.


  1. Place for the sandbox

We must not forget that a litter box inside our house or apartment will replace the cat’s natural function of doing his needs abroad. For this reason, some elements of the feline nature should be considered to choose the right place for the sandbox.

A safe place Cats will always seek to make their needs away from the space where they sleep and rest. The reason for this is because, naturally, they want to protect themselves from predators and threats, so they prefer to get away from their lair so that they are not easy to track. Obviously, this will not happen inside the house, but they are feline conditions that determine your personality.

Away from the food Cat food and water should always be in the same place for the animal to create a habit of searching for food daily. Consequently, your pet should make their needs away from the site of their food, so the more distance between these spaces, it will be much easier for the feline to identify the place of the food and to go to the bathroom.

With ventilation Even if you live in an apartment, you should always look for a ventilated space with an efficient air circulation to place the sandbox, in this way the unpleasant odors will not be trapped in the house. Therefore, a space near a window is always recommended.




  1. Choose the right box

Now, you know where to place your box but let’s say you are making a comparison of cat litters and you realize that there are so many models that it is not easy to choose one. So here we summarize the most popular models.

Basic sandbox For those who prefer to succeed with a simple design, the basic sanitary trays are very easy to use and clean. They are basically plastic rectangles in which the sand is deposited and remain uncovered for cats to access them when they need it. The negative of these models is that the smells are more exposed, not forgetting to mention that babies and other pets can manipulate the cat’s feces. In addition, the low walls do not hinder the exit of sand and the cat can spread it on the ground.

Covered sandpit On the other hand, there are closed models that, in addition to providing more privacy to the cat, allow a little control of odors and debris, without being exposed to other family members. However, these sandboxes usually take up more space, be more difficult to clean, not to mention that some cats find it difficult to get used to this box. But, as soon as they notice the privacy it provides, they will be happy to use it.

Sandboxes with sieve To facilitate hygiene, these sandboxes have double trays, of which one is a sieve that favors the separation of fecal waste from the sand. They can be obtained in open or closed format.

Automatic sandboxes These models make cleaning easier because they use a manual lever mechanism to sift the sand, while the feces are deposited in a collection tray, which you must empty regularly. These types of products do not consume energy, but their size can cause fear of cats. In this category of sandboxes there are more intelligent novelties, with automatic, electronic and remote operation, but they are more expensive.




  1. A sandbox made by yourself

If none of the above options convinces you or you prefer a homemade design, we suggest some ideas that can help you make the litter box for your pet without spending a lot of money.


Use conservatives

In any home store you can buy plastic preservatives of different sizes. For the sandbox you must choose two containers of the same size, but they are almost twice the length of your cat, so that it will have enough space to move and make your needs comfortably.

Now, you must use a soldering iron or heat a screwdriver to pierce the entire surface of one of the containers, making many holes. This perforated container should go on top, the sand will be emptied and when your pet makes use of the sandbox, you will only have to move this tray and all the sand will be deposited in the lower container. Thus, only the feces that can be emptied in a bag will be left for later disposal according to the regulations of your city.


A disposable option

Other people suggest making a sandbox with the previous method, but using disposable aluminum trays, pierce the upper one and sift it every time the cat needs it.

While this alternative is not durable, it is a highly recommended option for when you go on vacation with your pet and do not want to carry excessive luggage. In this case, we suggest you use the same sand that you usually buy so that your cat does not miss the box he uses at home.



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