How To Transform Old Screens Into Fish Tanks

How To Transform Old Screens Into Fish Tanks?

Normally we have at home a room full of old and damaged objects, which have already lost functionality in the modern era. However, before throwing them away, it is advisable to rethink their usefulness, since with a little creativity we could create amazing products. Among these disused devices we can find old computer screens and televisions, with enough potential to transform them into attractive fish tanks.


First of all, you should know that you will only be reusing the casing or structure of these objects, helping you create a unique and elaborate fish tank with your own hands. But basically it must be manufactured from scratch, since all the design needs various tools, patience and effort to achieve the goal. For this reason, here are some ways to build the best fish tank from a screen.


Turn a TV into a fishbowl

At present, Smart TVs and high definition televisions completely replaced old wide-body and wooden televisions, those used in the 60s and 70s, which used handles to change the channel and in most of the cases required an antenna. However, if you are a nostalgic, you probably have yours stored or know someone who has it. Before throwing it away, you should know that it is possible to turn it into a unique vintage fishbowl.

To start, open the equipment by removing one of its sides, if the model does not have these parts, then it is advisable to use a tool to remove the screws from the rear. In it you will find multiple electrical components, which it is important to extract with great caution, since old televisions could have more delicate and difficult to handle parts than the current ones.



Also, it may be necessary to remove some external components that bring internal parts, such as the rotary buttons, to get more space inside, because the main objective is to vacate the television as much as possible. Afterwards, it is good that you measure its interior to know the size of the container you need, taking into account that it must be large enough to occupy the entire screen of the TV, but at the same time respecting the measures of the drawer. In addition, it is important to leave a space between the top lid and the container, since in this way you can integrate the corresponding artifacts from the fish tank.

In pet stores you can buy the filtering system, the air pump, the necessary tubes, a light to illuminate the fish and, of course, the glass box that will be the container or water tank. Place the latter inside the TV without filling it yet and look at the available spaces, in this way you will know where to install the other pieces of the fish tank.

It is important first to reinforce the bottom of the TV with a sheet of wood or metal, in this way it will be able to support the liters of water in the container. The air pump can be placed on one of the internal sides of the TV, as this can reduce noise.

On the other hand, the light goes on the inner top and near the TV glass. On the other hand, it is necessary to open some holes for the tubes in the back and cut the top to create a lid, as well as add hinges for greater practicality when opening and closing.

Once this is done, fill the container and condition the space, add the tubes and the filtering system. Experts recommend using the fish tank without fish for approximately 4 weeks, in this way the necessary bacteria will be formed to condition the space and that your fish do not suffer any stress situation.




Make a fish tank from a CTR monitor

This procedure is similar to that of the TV. In principle, it is necessary to remove the 4 screws that join the case and remove the electronic speakers, tubes and accessories from the computer, including the metal screws that connect the glass to the case.

The CTR monitors have two crystals on the screen, it is necessary to break the butt very carefully and remove the glasses, while the front glass that remained intact will be part of the fish tank. Once this is done and the interior is completely emptied, it is time to start measuring the compartment, so you will know what are the most appropriate measures for the container or tank.

The container can be made manually if you have the capabilities and tools to cut engineering plastic or acrylic, in this way you will have a product made just to suit your monitor. However, you can also buy a small container in the store, but it is recommended that its measurements leave enough space between it and the inner top of the housing, so you can place the accessories of the fish tank.

Then, it is advisable to paint the back and sides of the acrylic on the outside, to cover the inside of the monitor. For this, green, blue, yellow colors and their combinations may be suitable. Meanwhile, remove the upper access panel, as it will be the entrance to fill and decorate the fish tank.

When the container is painted and dry, you can now attach it to the glass on the front of the monitor, for convenience, it is advisable to remove the housing parts. Once assembled, you can proceed to fill it to verify that it does not have any type of leaks. This is a very important safety factor, since if the water drips a little, it is necessary to cover the edges with silicone again, until it is completely sealed.

In the top cover, which was already removed, you can place the lighting with a nut. The cable that goes to the electricity can follow the same route that the original monitor cable had and, in the same way, it is possible to place the cable of the air and filtering system. In addition, it is advisable to include a fluorescent or LED bulb, which does not emit too much heat.

Now you can fill the fish tank, decorate with rocks and gravel plants, to finally connect the accessories, this way your fish tank will be ready. However, experts recommend checking edges and connections during the first few days for added security.



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