The doghouse should be a comfortable place for them, where they feel safe and in good importance to take into account several factors, and for this reason, we will talk about those elements that are essential to provide a good doghouse.

Regardless of the breed of your dog, it is essential that it has an appropriate space to rest, shelter from the cold, stretch and feels protected; especially if you are used to living in the yard or garden of the house. 

In this place, you must be protected from rain, sun, and other weather conditions without having to be inside a cage or chained, as this can affect the behavior of the pet. For this reason, buying a house is an investment in favor of dogs, especially when temperatures in the summer and winter threaten them.

The best place

The proper location to place the house is an important factor, because it has to be a cool place, that the dog likes and where it has space to run, lie down and move freely.

In this sense, the design of the house has a lot of influence, because if you have decided to buy one for the outside, it must have good ventilation for summer days, but also a good thermal insulator for the colder days, as well as a good coverage to drain rainwater without affecting the comfort of the dog. 

The best doghouse can be built by yourself or if you prefer you can buy from any specialized store in these products since they are available in many shapes and styles.

Currently, the design of these booths fits with the aesthetics of our home. There are different materials, designs and prices, some with a decorative style but just as functional, others retain the traditional format and efficiently fulfill their purpose, so you have a range of options to choose from the best doghouse of 2020. 

However, to make a good investment in our dog’s shelter, we must consider several important aspects that we will discuss precisely in the following sections.

The right measure

The first thing to do when choosing a doghouse for our dog is to consider what is the appropriate size for this dog if it is a puppy predict by its breed how much it will grow, and thus avoid buying a very small doghouse to him. 

The booths have the peculiarity of allowing the dog to enter and leave without any problem, to be able to stand inside it and turn or lie down to your liking. If your dog can’t do this, he will feel uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, the house cannot be much larger than the dog is, because in this way it will be very difficult to maintain a warm environment during the winter.

Width and long

With respect to the width of the house, this can not be less than the length of your dog, that is, if your dog is 60 centimeters long (from the tip of the nose to the back without including the tail) the house should have 25% more than the length of the animal, that is about 75 cm, the same applies to the height of the house, taking into account the height from the legs to the dog’s head. 


With respect to the door of the house, it is recommended that it be located on one side since this will prevent the entry of strong gusts of cold air. But, to know the ideal size of the door of the house it is suggested that it be at the height of your chest. and is between 5 or 10 cm wider than that of the dog. 

Quality of materials

As in any construction, the materials are decisive to ensure the strength and durability of doghouses. Here we will talk about the most common. 

Wooden huts

It is one of the most popular options in outdoor designs, because the wood is resistant, as long as it has a waterproofing treatment. These booths are thermal and insulating, so they offer protection from cold and heat. 

In addition to being resistant, if they get damaged they can be easily repaired. However, it is important to remember that these booths need constant maintenance to avoid moisture, in the same way, it is advised that you have legs that raise the base so as not to have contact with the ground, as well as preventive maintenance against termite infestation.

D stalls and plastic or PVC

Plastic models stand out in the market for being resistant and cheaper than wooden ones. Their main advantage is that they are easy to clean and only soap and water are needed. 

In addition, dog odors do not penetrate their walls, and it is much easier to change places because they are light. 

This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor, and its appearance emulates most of the time, the classic wooden houses with gable roofs. The important thing about these designs is that they have good ventilation and thermal insulation, to avoid concentrating a lot of heat during the summer days, as well as sheltering enough in the winter. 


The structure of the house is very important, but inside it is essential that you have the comfort that the dog needs. Therefore, it is recommended to include blankets or a cushion for pets, which provides a soft and padded surface. 

This element must be removable to be able to wash it frequently and let it dry, with the intention of always providing a hygienic space for the pet. 

It is also an extra that the house has space outside to place the dog’s water and food containers; Thus, this will associate your refuge with the place to eat and hydrate. 

These are the main elements that a doghouse must have to be comfortable for its inhabitant, however, there are numerous models that you can check before deciding which is the best for the canine member of your family, remember that your comfort should be your priority, to give back all the love and joy it brings to the home.

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