Everything You Need To Know About Terrarium Lamps

To take care of some exotic pets to the point of raising these at home, you must take into account certain details that you will need to use to offer them a healthy and adequate pace of life. 

In this sense, terrarium lamps play a fundamental role when it comes to equipping the terrarium that you decide to use to provide a comfortable space for your pet, therefore, knowing everything about this object will be essential.

In addition to providing a decorative touch to the terrarium available at home, the lamps that are usually used in this type of objects are of special use, since they provide more than a good aesthetic. In this sense, it is important to consider the fact that providing your pet with the proper care will be of great help to stay in perfect condition for a long period of life. That is why you must take into account the necessary measures to carry out such an action, even, you must take into account the recommendations given by the veterinarian to enjoy a healthy pet.

In this sense, in addition to dogs and cats, exotic animals also need special care, starting with the type of habitat that you are able to recreate for them. In this way, even the terrarium lamp plays a fundamental role during its development.

But what is a terrarium lamp?

It is an object capable of recreating the maximum sunlight that many exotic pets need to feel comfortable, just as if they were in their natural habitat. Likewise, these lamps are essential to ensure the good health of different types of reptiles and lizards. It should be noted that these are essential, especially when it comes to protecting ectothermic animals, that is, they are not able to keep their own body temperature stable.

For its part, it is important to mention that not all animals require the same type of lighting, therefore, you would have to look for the necessary information to determine what type of light would be appropriate to install in the best terrarium for your pet.

In a nutshell, terrarium lamps are used with the aim of illuminating specific spaces, where animals can be housed, with the intention that they do not feel the radical change they would be suffering when they were removed from their natural habitat to live in a space fully recreated

Types of light emitted by a terrarium lamp

Visible light

This light is the most common, the one we need to be able to see properly. In this sense, the most important task you must complete is to make a difference between the day and night cycles. Thus, it is recommended to have in the terrarium lamps capable of emitting light of 100 CRI that would be the appropriate color emission index and, of course, approaching 6000 K, considered this as the normal value of daylight.

Infrared light

This type of light is very important in terrariums designed for reptiles and amphibians since it contributes to maintaining or producing good body heat in animals that are ectothermic, that is, cold-blooded and that are not capable of maintaining stable body heat

Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light is divided into two types of wavelengths. In this sense, the UVA light known as a long wave is responsible for stimulating appetite in pets. It is also able to provide good skin pigmentation. On the other hand, UVB light known as the medium wave is suitable for carrying out the synthesis of vitamin D3, therefore, ultraviolet light must necessarily be present in a well-adapted terrarium.

Night light

This light is able to give the reptile the opportunity to feel that it is in full freedom. It also helps you study the behavior that this pet may have during the night without causing discomfort. However, it is not recommended to keep it on for a long time.

Make a terrarium lamp at home easily

To make a terrarium lamp at home you will need to have several essential materials at hand to carry out this action, among them some decorative stones, light earth, a glass container, the plant you decide to use, a table lamp with support, the bulb that is capable of emitting the type of light you need, to protect the plant or animal you own at home, and finally activated carbon.

Now the steps to follow are the following:

With a dry handkerchief proceed to clean the glass container properly, once it is completely clean you can mix the small stones with the activated carbon to later add some moss, as this could achieve the absorption of irrigation water so that Said glass vessel does not over-nature

In this way, now add the loose soil taking into account that the amount you decide to use will depend in part on the roots of the plant you have chosen to position inside the terrarium lamp. Also, do not forget to properly fix the earth to avoid inconveniences that may affect the performance of the terrarium.

Now, everything is ready, therefore, it will only be to place the plant you want inside. To do this, you must be very careful not to mistreat it during the process, to avoid serious or irreversible damage. Finally, add the decorative details you prefer and finally proceed to close the terrarium using the table lamp named in the materials above. In this sense, it will be located at the top of the glass container.

It should be noted that the terrarium lamp should have the focus that you think is appropriate to have the type of light you need, according to the use you decide to give it. Also, do not forget to water the plant a little every day so that it can be preserved.

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