Dog Collars And Animal Abuse

Dog Collars And Animal Abuse



Some collars can cause serious damage to the physical and mental health of your dog, so various entities and countries have updated the laws to protect animals from the abuse they may cause. For this reason, in this article we explain the types of collars that are prohibited and the alternatives that exist to train your pet.


Dog collars are the typical accessories that you put around your neck, either to identify it, indicate that it has an owner or to link with the leash when going for a walk in public spaces. Therefore, we all want a collar for our dog, that is comfortable, attractive and that under no circumstances results in punishment or torture.

On the other hand, it is normal that we have ever heard that certain training collars have proved effective to a family member or acquaintance in controlling their pets, however, these animals could have suffered irreversible damage. For this reason, it is important to mention some of the most harmful collars for dogs and the consequences of their use.


The most dangerous dog collars

It is possible that some breeds of dogs make us have some prejudice against the level of violence and aggressiveness that they may have, this is understandable, since they appear so because of their physical structure and this negative image has been encouraged by the prototypes of violent dogs that Show the media. This is the main excuse alleged by animal abusers to use torture collars.

However, there is nothing further from reality, since all dog breeds can be trained in a healthy and positive way to avoid aggressiveness. This is the case of pit bulls, doberman, German shepherd, rottweiler, Argentine bulldog, dogue de Bordeaux, bull terrier, Neapolitan mastiff, even Chihuahua and Beagle, among others. For this reason, under no circumstances should your dog be tortured or punished with the use of the following collars, since they are prohibited by law.


Electric collars

These are probably one of the most harmful collars for dogs, since they have a device that could emit uncomfortable sounds, vibrations and in the worst case, electric shocks with different intensity levels.

In addition, some of the most dangerous electric collars are not triggered solely by the hand of man, since they are also able to perceive movements in the dog’s neck, in this way the collar is activated when it is barking and produces an electric shock automatic

The basic operation of the electric collars is based on sending an electric shock directly to the spinal cord, which causes a contraction of all the muscles of the dog and interrupts its behavior. However, one of the most common physical consequences are burns in the neck area, also, at the psychological level, stress increases. In addition, the animal can make incorrect associations, so it has no positive effect on it.




Barbed necklaces

Usually, this type of collars are made of metal and its main function is to cause pressure on the dog’s neck, where the spikes are stuck when the walk belt is tensioned, either by movements of the dog or by the owner’s will .

In this case, the collar can cause constant pain in the frontal area and in the trachea, causing discomfort in the thyroid, generating multiple health problems at the same time.

The dog usually associates this pain incorrectly, which motivates aggressive and negative behaviors, whether they go for a walk, when encountering other dogs or simply by placing the leash. In this sense, several studies confirm that the behavior only worsens over time.


Choking Necklaces

The strap of these necklaces is mainly composed of a chain and a ring at one of its ends. When passing the chain through the hoop, the choking collar is formed, capable of tightening the dog’s neck as much as he himself pulls on the leash, so it is mistakenly used to train, but on the contrary, what it produces is a tortuous walk for the dog

If the choking of the animal is prolonged due to its innocence and misunderstanding, then it could collapse the trachea or run out of air, since the collar can be tightened to a critical level. In any case, it could generate the psychological and physical consequences mentioned above, without any improvement in its behavior.


Regions in which the use of these necklaces is illegal

Those who manufacture these collars could say that they are totally harmless and that they provide efficacy to improve your dog’s behavior, but representatives of veterinary scientific knowledge have another opinion, since they have effectively verified that all pets that use this type of collars are more likely to have physical damage and behavioral problems.

Following these opinions and studies, various countries of the world have chosen to ban these collars, in addition, many of those who have not yet implemented these prohibitions in their laws, are in agreements to achieve it.

Countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Denmark and Australia have implemented these laws several years before. It is important to note that the citizens of these countries themselves have avoided and reported their use before it was officially illegal, so that there will always be the possibility of denouncing an abuser.

In several regions of Spain, several laws on animal protection have also been developed, such as Catalonia and Madrid, which currently prohibit the use of all training collars.




Alternatives to avoid the use of training collars

Canine professionals and multiple veterinary associations around the world mainly recommend positive reinforcement. This means that the dog must be trained with the use of multiple rewards, usually, snacks or sweets for dogs are very effective.

This method is effective both to reprimand some behavior at home and to reinforce professional training. The first thing is to have enough patience and time to teach him in the most healthy and correct way.

On the other hand, if you think it is very difficult to control your dog during the walks, then the most advisable is the use of a harness, since it offers more comfort to your dog and gives you more control of its movements, so It strengthens their relationship, gives them more confidence and facilitates training.

However, if your dog has already been properly trained, then you can use a domestic collar, which is usually made of cloth or leather and has some contact information engraved. As if that were not enough, this type of collars ( You can find here some purchase options ) are the cheapest accessories and you can get them in a variety of designs and colors in a pet store.




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