Design Your Dog’s Bed With Recycled Materials

If you like to make different objects with your own hands, you can design the beds for your pets in a simple way and without spending a lot of money, using recycled materials, among which stand out the pallet woods, drawer cabinets or car tires, being very varied the range of possibilities that are at your disposal.

It is necessary to emphasize, the importance that it has for pets to have their own space to rest or take a nap, which is appropriate to provide them with greater security in the environment. So, it is advisable to offer our pets a warm and comfortable sleeping bed, which serves to protect them from the cold, humidity and other climatic conditions of the environment. 

In this sense, you can see in different web portals for pets, that one of the most used materials to design a bed for our canine friend are pallets or wooden boxes, which in addition to transporting goods, can be used for different uses at home. Many people look for them to use them as decorative objects, such as bookshelves, beds, lamps, sofas, etc., so it is a very versatile material, with which we can create beds for dogs, or feeders, even build a small house for pets 

But not only the pallet can be part of our elements for working with pet beds, because as we noted above, but there are also many materials that can be recycled, such as old furniture, televisions, computer monitors, tables, clothes that we no longer use, etc. 

Next, we will give you some ideas of how you can use the pallet and other elements to design the best dog beds of 2020, using recycled materials in its construction. 

Dog beds with pallets

To make a dog bed with pallets, in addition to this material, you have to look for a sander and a varnish, so you can give the bed a more natural look, or if you want to add a touch of color you could use paint. Also, you can use a cushion that suits the exterior colors to match the decoration, which is comfortable and soft for the dog. For the decoration of the bed, you could engrave your pet’s name or make drawings of figures, hearts, flowers, butterflies, among others. 

When you are ready to work with the pallet, it is necessary to clean the box very well, since it usually comes with dust, insects remains of fruits or vegetables, as well as the wood must be disinfected, for which it must be washed with water, soap and a small brush, the detergent remains are removed and placed in the sun to dry completely.

It is important that the pallet chosen for your pet’s bed does not have splinters or nails that can cause any damage to your puppy, so it is most convenient to brush and sand this material very well so that those dangerous elements for our canine friend do not stand out. You can also remove some of the tables to create an opening that is accessible to use the bed.

Remember that after applying the paint or wood varnish, you should also let it dry, as it is likely that several layers of paint will be applied to evenly cover the surface of the pallet. The cushion you use to complete the bed, you could also do it yourself, since it is very easy with the right materials, or you can use a thick mattress designed for pets.

Use your old suitcase

Another effective alternative to building a dog bed is with an old suitcase. So, you can convert that vintage suitcase that is not useful for traveling, in a comfortable dog bed, by placing a cushion or a piece of padded fabric inside. If you prefer, you can add legs, although you must make sure that the lid of the suitcase is raised, so that your pet does not run the risk of suffering any damage in case of closing unexpectedly. We also recommend this option for small animals that live inside the house.

Tires like pet beds 

The tires that no longer serve the car can be reused in many ways, one of them being the pet bed. To make this bed model, the entire tire must be washed with soap and water, wait for it to dry completely and then paint is applied, once it has dried, you can place a comfortable cushion inside to make it pleasant for the dog.

Bring an old monitor to life

Currently, computer technology has advanced so much that it is no longer necessary to use large screens with huge drawers in the back, which took up a lot of space on the desk, becoming totally obsolete, so we recommend you not to discard these monitors, since we can use them as inns for our small pets, mainly for puppies.

What you should do is remove all the components that are inside the monitor, including the screen glass, add a comfortable cushion or a warm blanket and paint its outer cover with a beautiful color that fits with the decoration of your home.

With old jerseys

Especially for cold winter days, you can use these clothes to create a warm bed for your favorite pet, comfortable, beautiful and of course very economical. To start doing this craft, you will need several old jerseys, a pillow you don’t use, scraps of ribbons or paper, scissors, a sewing machine, and thread.

Cut the woolen garments into squares of fabric, with straight edges to facilitate sewing and go ordering them so that you have a pillow-sized template. At the time of sewing, it is necessary to join the pieces of the fabric with pins and then they must be sewn along the lines made by the pins, until forming a kind of cover, leaving an opening to introduce the pillow.

With these ideas you can make different beds for your dogs using objects, which had probably reached the end of their useful life, becoming old junk. But if we think about the importance of recycling for the care of our planet, in order to reduce the large amount of garbage that humans produce annually. In this way, we would be contributing to this purpose, by reusing old objects that we have at home and decorating them for our pets.

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