Collars Vs Harnesses For Dogs

Collars Vs Harnesses For Dogs: Which One To Choose?


At present, some debates have been generated with different opinions and also many comparisons about the use that harnesses and collars for dogs should have. In this sense, animal protection societies have denounced the use of materials and designs that put the physical and psychological health of animals at risk. In this regard, you should pay attention to the differences between harnesses and dog collars.


Those who recommend the use of the harness for dogs, do so based on the physical health of the animal, since they mainly think about the repercussions that a training collar could have.

Also, many professional trainers recommend taking into account the characteristics of the animal, such as size, customs and the environment where it develops, be it the city or the countryside, in this way you can choose the best dog collar ( In this link you will find several products to analyze ) or the best harness, as long as it is the safest and most suitable option for your pet.

You should know that the balance will always be tilted in favor of harnesses, due to the amount of benefits they provide. However, necklaces can still be used in some cases, so they are not totally extinct from the market.


What you should know about dog collars

Collars have long been the first option used by dog owners and trainers, not only as a safety measure when training or taking them for a walk, but also to identify them with your data and yours in case of loss. This is very common in the case of basic and traditional necklaces.

However, over the years, dog collars have evolved along with technology, both in their variety of designs and the uses they can offer. For this reason, we can see the use of electric collars for dogs, with multiple versions and specific uses during training.


Antiladridos or ultrasonic collars

They are capable of creating wireless virtual fences for dogs through static vibration and a barking recognition system, in this way, when your dog barks the collar it emits an oppressive sound that it will recognize itself, in addition, it increases or decreases its intensity according to your behavior.




Electric collars

These cause electric shocks automatically when they perceive the vibration of their barking, as well as those that are activated through the hand of man to correct the dog. In any case, these are torture necklaces that have been legally banned in various countries, since in the long term they produce negative effects on the physical and mental health of pets.


Head necklaces

They have been designed so that you exert force only on your dog’s head. This type of collar has a design that goes from the surface of the snout to the back of the neck, so that you can gently control the movement of his head and the opening of his mouth when barking or going for a walk. However, it could be very oppressive for your dog and generate anxiety in him.

The necklaces are made with different colors, designs and a lot of styles, however, its use is currently not the most appropriate. Just as you can find collars with the sole function of identifying your pet or providing greater attractiveness, there are also many others that aim to correct the behavior of dogs through pain. For this reason, the use of traditional collars is only recommended when the dog has been properly trained through positive reinforcement.


Benefits of dog harnesses

There are several types of dog harnesses on the market, the most common being the front fixing and the rear fixing. The frontal fixation is more used to place it in larger dogs, while the rear fixation is more appropriate for small dogs, since it does not exert so much pressure on the dog’s spine.

The main advantage of harnesses is health care and disease prevention, since they are designed to avoid and correct the different injuries and problems in the spine or hip.

In this sense, it eliminates the jerks in the neck caused when the dog gets too far forward or wants to go in another direction during the walks. The animal may not be injured by force in any way, since the person in charge of the dog may have control of its movements at all times. In the same way, it facilitates the task of controlling and neutralizing the strength of the animal, whether it becomes restless in the presence of a stranger or other animal.

The models of harnesses for dogs have varied and evolved over time, so you can find them made of meshes, leashes, ribbons, strips, fabric, leather, among other materials, but in all cases they are designed to highlight comfort and safety of your pet. In addition, they can give the dog a fun and attractive touch when you take it for a walk.




The best decision

After analyzing the utilities and disadvantages attributed to harnesses and the different types of collars, we must point out that there will always be those who pretend to be right and justify the use of one over others. Ultimately, the common sense of coaches and users will be necessary to know which of them is the most appropriate to use.

It is good to take into account that many types of necklaces are prohibited by law, so you should be informed of this before purchasing one. In addition, it is advisable to advise you with a professional who knows the advantages and disadvantages of each one to offer you the best option according to the breed, age, size and behavior of your pet.

The most important thing is to take into account the physical and emotional health of the dog, since neither humans nor animals deserve to be educated through abuse of their physical and emotional integrity. In the case of dogs, being noble, faithful and very intelligent animals, abuse in all its forms must be avoided.




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