Do You Want To Have A Chameleon As A Pet? Know The Most Relevant About Your Care

The adoption of exotic animals today has become very common since there are people who enjoy the company of these at home. Therefore, they usually acquire snakes, reptiles or even birds to give them the care and attention they deserve.

 In this case, the acquisition of a chameleon not only requires attention but also special care to keep it healthy and safe as the days go by. That is why you should have the appropriate information about your breeding and the most important care.

It should be noted that the chameleons are of African origin where there are more than 85 different species. They have a very peculiar physical structure since their head is triangular in shape and they have scales that cover their skin. They also have special prehensile fingers for hunting, while their eyes can move from side to side, even in different directions. Similarly, something that characterizes them is their tail, which is always kept rolled, while their tongue is always hydrated and ready to catch live insects. As for his behavior, we are talking about a very lonely animal, which rejects any gesture of affection or even the action of being raised or caressed. 

On the other hand, enjoy climbing trees and prefer to be in complete privacy for your convenience. In this sense, there are those who opt for a chameleon and in the end, do not end up getting used to the way of life of it. That is precisely why it is better to have all the necessary information before deciding on the adoption of a specific species.

For its part, in the case of an animal available in different types, it would be ideal if you could study which one most closely resembles your lifestyle and the time you can provide daily. For this, it is important to know the behavior or even the type of feeding that each type of chameleon requires in order to stay healthy and in perfect condition.

In this way, regardless of the variety, you decide to adopt, then we will describe some tips that you should take into account to keep your chameleon comfortable and protected.

Offer a good terrarium

One of the fundamental keys to keep the chameleon happy, comfortable and well protected, has to do with offering the best terrarium to live in. It must be a wide space where you can move. In this sense, experts recommend terrariums of at least 50 x 50 x 90 centimeters in the case of a small chameleon. Likewise, the larger the space, the better, taking into account that the pet could spend 90% of his time in it.

For its part, the interior of the terrarium must appropriately simulate the nature in which the chameleon lives, which is why you must use rocks, logs, as well as the foliage necessary so that the animal can hide and camouflage comfortably and without inconvenience. You should also consider the existence of natural plants such as ficus and Schefflera, as well as moderately sized stones in the terrarium floor.

Maintain good terrarium hygiene

In addition to being able to offer a comfortable and appropriate terrarium to the chameleon, it must always be in perfect condition. Therefore, you will have to take care of the cleaning to guarantee the pet good health at all times, especially when it comes to an animal that is accustomed to living in humid environments.

According to the recommendations of the experts, they comment that it would be ideal to avoid the use of substrates with small particles, just of a size that prevents the chameleon from accidentally swallowing them together with the insects that it can hunt. On the other hand, it is recommended to place absorbent paper sheets just on the floor of the terrarium, so that you can replace them frequently and that the accomplishment of this task does not take you too much time.

The feeding is very important

So that an animal can stay in excellent condition, good nutrition is a fundamental part of its development. In this sense, you should feed your chameleon properly considering the fact that this animal is insectivorous, therefore, only eat silkworms, tenebrism, cockroaches, flies, lobsters, and crickets that are fresh and alive.

In this way, you must attend a store for exotic animals where you can get the appropriate food for the chameleon, as these must come from hatcheries so you can be 100% sure that they do not have pesticides or chemicals that can affect the health of the pet.

As an additional fact, it would be ideal for insects to be fed with creamy vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin supplements with calcium for reptiles. In this way, you would be contributing to the healthy and balanced diet that this reptile deserves.

You will surely wonder if the chameleons drink water. They certainly do, only not directly from a container. Therefore, you will have to have a drip system in the terrarium so that the waterfalls in the form of dew on the natural leaves present inside it. Only then, the chameleon can drink from the drops with his tongue.

Guarantees the light and heat you need

This feature is of great importance when equipping the terrarium with the best system to fully recreate the chameleon’s habitat. Well, it should be noted that they need the presence of light and heat in their environment to live comfortably.

In this way, you should place special tubes for lizards that can provide UVB / UVA rays for 10 hours a day. Additionally, it is recommended that the chameleon can sunbathe for a considerable time. That is why you should choose to place the terrarium near a window.

Attend the veterinary consultation

Although it is a chameleon, it will also need special medical attention at least once a month to verify that everything is in perfect condition. In this sense, we talk about an adequate preventive review that will help you rule out possible diseases or problems that may affect the health of the pet.

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