The Best Indoor Rabbit Cages- Reviews And Purchase Guide In 2020

Rabbits are one of the pets preferred by all, given their small size and affectionate temperament. Therefore, to provide the animal with an optimal coexistence and as pleasant as possible, you must have a cage specially designed to meet the needs of this species; since, like every animal, it needs its own space to be calm and rest.

For this purpose, today we bring to you two of the best models of best indoor rabbit cages; starting with the Voltrega J-76115 , a ventilated and resistant cage. Another recommended by many is the Zooplus Skyline Maxi XXL , a model that includes a very useful accessory kit.


Comparison Chart Of The Best Rabbit Cages


ROEDOR Cage Volt. 933 58cm

  • This cage model stands out from its congeners by offering high-quality materials, which gives it resistance and safety for the animal. To do this, it has a toxic-free plastic base and a metal structure with lead-free paint.
  • Given the width of the bars, this cage is not recommended for hamsters or dwarf rabbits; So if you have this pet you should look for a model with more attached bars.
  • It is a product recommended by many buyers, who value its design and its ease of cleaning. For this, it enjoys an excellent reputation on the net.


Rabbit dwarf indoor cage – Starter set & accessories

  • The highlight of this rabbit cage is that it offers you a complete accessory kit. You will receive a ceramic bowl, a bottle-type trough, a tray for your needs and 2.5 kg of high-quality hay.
  • It is the most expensive cage in our comparison chart. However, it is a high-end model, with resistant materials and several useful accessories.
  • It is a model recommended especially for dwarf rabbits and any other small animal. In addition, it is a reliable, ventilated, pet-friendly and easy to clean product.


FRED Rabbit 100 x 45 x 62 cm

  • It is a large cage, this quality being its most relevant aspect. Thanks to its dimensions, the animal has space to move comfortably; since it has an area designed to sleep and an independent area to eat or play.
  • Its estimated weight is 14 kilos, so to mobilize this cage you might need the help of another person. However, its robustness does not impair its functionality.
  • Users recommend it for its attractive design and ease of cleaning; So it could be a recommended purchase to give your rabbit home.


The Best Indoor Rabbit Cages-Reviews In 2020


In the list that we present below, you will know some of the best indoor rabbit cages, valued by many users for their qualities and benefits. We want you to find the right product to give your pet all the comfort it deserves and needs so that it feels comfortable and happy in a new home.


Voltrega J-76115

If you have pets like a guinea pig or a small rabbit at home, this cage model could be your ideal sleeping shelter. Rabbits need to exercise daily, but they also need space to eat quietly and rest. It is one of the cages for cheap rabbits available in the market, which also offers you long service life; so many consider it the best indoor rabbit cages of value for money.

It has a basic, simple and functional design; without neglecting resistance and stability. It has a front opening that facilitates being able to feed the animal, change its bedding and perform daily cleaning. It is a cage made with a base of toxic-free polypropylene plastic and metal bars, which make up the walls and ceiling. In addition, you can receive it in any of its available colors.

If you do not know what rabbit cage to buy, this model with an excellent reputation on the web could meet your expectations. Know your pros and cons.



Safety: It is a strong and reliable cage since it has lead-free paint coating and non-toxic plastic, which guarantees safety for your pet.

Dimensions: It has measured 58 cm wide, 36 cm deep and 31 cm high; So it is suitable for small rabbits.

Opening: Thanks to its frontal opening, you can handle the rabbit with total comfort and without hurting it.

Utility: Users comment that it is a cage that can be used for rabbits, guinea pigs or guinea pigs.



Choice of color: Some buyers miss being able to choose the color of their choice at the time of purchase.




Gdraven Acrylic


If you are looking among the cages for cheap rabbits, this could be an excellent alternative; Since in addition to offering you an affordable cost, it also gives you an ideal space to transport your pet. It is a cage with small dimensions and a lightweight, which favors its portability and storage when not in use.

It is a recommended product for animals such as squirrels, rats, hamsters, dwarf rabbits, and other small animals. It offers an ideal space, where the animal can rest or sleep; Likewise, it is recommended to take your pet from one place to another, in cases of having to mobilize it.

In addition to being one of the cheap options of the moment, it is a strong and reliable cage. For this, it is made entirely of transparent acrylic material, which favors being able to monitor the animal while sleeping or resting.

If you are looking for a model that offers adequate space to mobilize your little pet, this cage could be a good alternative. Then read its pros and cons.



Design: It is a cage with a square format similar to a box, with a transparent roof, sides, and floor.

Functionality: Its design and size are ideal for easily transporting your rabbit or your hamster. It is also useful as an area to sleep or rest.

Portability: In order to facilitate its transport in a more comfortable way, this model has two side handles that offer you a secure grip.

Visibility: Thanks to the transparent acrylic, you can see your pet at all times.



Utility: Due to its reduced dimensions of 8 x 8 cm, it is not advisable to use it as a cage for continuous or permanent use; since it could cause anxiety to the animal.



Zooplus Skyline Maxi XXL


Dwarf rabbits are excellent pets, given their friendly and docile character; However, they are nervous animals that need a quiet environment, where they do not develop behaviors such as aggressiveness or fear. To do this, cages for dwarf rabbits like this model, are the most suitable when it comes to providing a comfortable space for these small animals.

This model stands out among the best indoor rabbit cages of 2020, as it offers a safe and comfortable home for your pet; so it has thin bars designed horizontally, to prevent the animal can escape or that its head is stuck in the cage. It also has a door at the top and another at the front, which allows easy access to its interior. In addition, with the purchase of the cage, you will receive a very useful accessory kit.

This model could be the best indoor rabbit cages of the moment, since it offers you great benefits if you have at home a copy of a dwarf rabbit or another small pet. Learn more about the product by reading its pros and cons.



Accessory kit: You will receive a ceramic bowl for your food (in three available designs), a bottle-type trough with 320 ml capacity, a tray for your feces and 2.5 kg of hay.

Dimensions: It has a size of 119 x 59 x 47 cm; which gives the animal enough space to play and entertain.

Materials: It is a cage made of resistant metal and a plastic base, which favors stability and comfort for the legs of the rabbit.

Cleaning: You can clean it easily and with little effort.



Cost: It is one of the most expensive models available in the market.


Alfalfa Cup Holder

Many cages for dwarf rabbits are also very useful for providing a home for other small animals, such as guinea pigs. Therefore, if you have any of these pets, this cage could be the most suitable. It is a model that you can choose in two sizes, depending on your space availability and the size of the animal. In this sense, the small cage offers you 59 x 35 x 33 cm, while the larger one has 70 x 45 x 37 cm.

It is a cage with a rectangular format and the ideal size so that these rodents can move freely. Its design includes a high-edge alfalfa holder so that the animal does not spill its food; likewise, it has a wide door that allows you to easily manipulate the pet; while offering safety stops that prevent its escape.

Copele could be a better brand of rabbit cages, as it offers you diversity and high quality in its products. Therefore, if you are looking for a model for your dwarf rabbit, read more about this cage.



Resistance and safety: It is a cage made of metal resistant to oxidation and painted with lead-free materials and its plastic base, as well as its accessories are made with non-toxic polypropylene.

Bucket: Thanks to the bucket included with high edges, the food is kept clean longer and away from the urine or feces.

Bars: The design of the bars is distributed horizontally, in order to offer greater ventilation and avoid damaging the pet.

Available sizes: You can select the cage between two sizes available, depending on the pet and the space you have.



Toys: Given the dimensions of this model, it is not suitable for including toys such as tunnels or a rocker.



Kerbl 82816


The best indoor rabbit cages could be the one that gives the animal enough space so that it can move freely and at the same time offer good ventilation. These qualities are present in this large rabbit cage model since its dimensions of 100 x 45 x 62 cm could be the most appropriate for your pet to feel at ease and protected.

It is made of Cunninghamia wood, a kind of tough conifer. It also has a design that includes a large window that aerates the animal and allows visibility outside. It also offers two front doors with an independent opening and a folding flat roof, which you can open for better access to the interior.

Internally it has an area to eat and play and another, which can be used as an enclosure for the rest of the pet. In addition, it has galvanized trays for easy cleaning.

This cage is an ideal model for rodents, as it offers a solid and safe structure. In order to know a little more about this product, we invite you to read its pros and cons.



Cleaning: Since it has 2 removable trays and made of galvanized material, you can easily clean the cage.

Spacious: Internally the cage is 85 cm long, 40 cm wide and 40 cm high; which favors the mobility of the pet.

User manual: You will receive a practical user manual that tells you the steps to follow for easy assembly.



Outdoor: It is not a recommended model for outdoor use, so you should put it indoors and safe from rain and sun.

Coating: The manufacturer advises applying a special coating to the wood, in order to prolong the life of this cage.


Copele 10960

If you practice cuniculture and are looking for cages for breeding rabbits, this model could be the best option to provide the mother with a protected and comfortable space to feed her litter. It is a nest-type cage, ideal to house a rabbit with its young since it will be protected from the sight of people while offering a safe area to eat and rest.

It is a nest made of thermoplastic material of high quality and resistance. It has an easy assembly system, thanks to the plastic clips that join each piece with little effort and quickly. It also has a bucket designed with two levels that prevent the mortality of the young. In addition, with dimensions of 42.7 x 28 x 36.8 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg, it is easily transportable.

It is one of the cheapest cages for cuniculture offered by the market, so you can give your rabbit a space to breastfeed her little ones. We offer you more details of this model below.



Cleaning: Thanks to its thermoplastic material, you can disinfect with any kind of cleaning product.

Access: It has a flip top that allows easy access to the litter and the mother; while favoring to put water and food.

Compatibility: It is a nest cage compatible with any model of the Copele range.

Security: It has a stainless steel metal ring, which protects the entrance and prevents rabbits from biting the plastic.



Continuous use: Since it is a nest type model, it is not advisable for continuous or permanent use of the animal.



Dibea RH10011


Wooden rabbit cages, like this model, can become the perfect home for these animals; They are also suitable for other small species such as guinea pigs, hamsters and have even been suitable for chicks, ducks and cats. Therefore, if you wonder what are the best indoor rabbit cages, this could be a successful purchase.

It is a comfortable and large cage, with two levels and dimensions of 98 x 54 x 100 cm. Its design offers you an open bottom, so the animal can be in direct contact with nature and graze freely on the meadow. It also has a ramp, which allows easy access to the second level.

On the second level, you can find a space specially designed so that your pet can sleep or rest protected and at ease. In addition, it offers you a waterproof roof for added security.

It is one of the most spacious cages that you can find for your little friend and if you want to know more about this model, keep reading its pros and cons.



Design and comfort: Many users consider that it is a palace for their pet, as it offers optimal space for the small animal to feel at ease

Materials: It is made of high-quality fir wood, with waterproof and weather resistant qualities.

Access: It has 3 front doors that allow quick and easy access to the inside of the cage.

Ventilation: Your pet will be comfortable and ventilated since it has a metal grill that favors the entry of air.



Assembly: According to some reviews, the user manual could be improved in order to facilitate assembly.

Weight: You will need help to move it since it has a weight of 14 kilos.




Guide to buying a rabbit cage


In this guide to buy the best indoor rabbit cages, we offer some of the parameters that you should consider when choosing a model. The idea is that you find a cage that suits your pet’s own needs; considering that rabbits are docile, friendly animals and that they need constant care and attention.

 Shopping guide



Rabbits are animals that love to feel free, so the more time they spend, the better for their well-being. For this reason, if you have this pet and your house has a garden, you could take advantage of taking it out with a harness to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. However, given your shy and nervous temper, rabbits need a place to hide and feel protected.

A cage could be a good option as its burrow, so you should try to provide the most comfortable environment possible so that your rabbit has a quality of life. You can mount the cage on a terrace or in the garden, always under the shade and if it is necessary for the rabbit to remain inside the house, it is best to provide a comfortable and ventilated cage. In any case, the most advisable according to experts is to use it as a bedroom or shelter, so that the rabbit can rest and feel protected from light and strange looks.

The cages are also very useful when it comes to activities such as cuniculture, where you need a nest specially designed so that the rabbits can give birth and raise their litter safely and comfortably. Likewise, they are functional in cases where you need to keep a rabbit isolated from the rest of the group, either for its safety or for health problems.


Access and ventilation

The ease of access provided by a cage is one of the fundamental aspects that you should evaluate when choosing a model. Rabbits are independent animals and both their schedules and their customs are hardly predictable. Therefore, you should look for a cage that has wide doors that allow the animal to enter and exit when it pleases. This also favors the task of putting food, water and cleaning with less effort.

As for ventilation, this aspect is vital for the animal; since rabbits can suffer from heatstroke. For this, look for a good and economical cage that offers the necessary ventilation so that the animal feels comfortable.



Depending on the breed of the rabbit and its size as an adult, you must choose the dimensions of the cage. In this sense, according to the European standard for the possession of rabbits at home, minimum dimensions are established for cages 80 cm long and 60 cm wide. Likewise, it is important that its height allows the rabbit to stand up without any problem. However, if you have the space available in your home you could get a larger one.



Regardless of how much it costs, you should consider in your comparison of rabbit cages, those models that are made of high-quality materials. When it comes to these rodent animals, not only is the strength and durability of the cage important, but it is also essential to keep your pet out of danger.

In this sense, look for a model with anticorrosive metal structure and lead-free paint and if it has plastic in its design, avoid those that contain toxins such as BPA. In the event that the cage is made of wood, make sure it is wood free of chips and does not cause damage to the rabbit if it comes to bite it.


Design and cleaning

You can find cages with the rectangular and square format; likewise, with flat roofs and house-like designs. There are also models with legs and flat bases to mount on some furniture. Also, some cages offer a bare bottom, so that the rabbit can graze directly from the grass. In any case, notice that the chosen model has at least two or three differentiated areas, one that will be your bedroom or nest, another where you will have your food and water and another separate area, where the rabbit can make his needs.

Equally important is that you analyze the ease of cleaning offered by the cage. For this, it is best to bet on those with plastic or galvanized floors, which accept any cleaning product and that can be disinfected quickly.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to sterilize a used rabbit cage?

Rabbit cages are usually unhealthy due to the organic waste of the animal, so to take care of your health and prevent disease, you should first use gloves and mouth and nose shield. Start by collecting with a brush, all feces, and food waste; You should also clean the accessories and change the bedding. Sterilizing the cage will depend on the materials with which it is manufactured; In this sense, if it is made of plastic or metal, you can use a disinfectant, being careful to rinse well and if it is wooden cages, vinegar with warm water is the best option.


Q2: How is an American type rabbit cage?

These types of cages are made of galvanized wire with high corrosion resistance, with a caliber that can vary between 10, 12 and 14. The floor is designed with 1.5 x 5.0 cm reticles and both its sides and the roof offer 2.5 x 5.0 cm reticles, In addition, its standard measures are 90 x 60 x 40 cm and its door can reach 40, x 37.5 cm.


Q3: How to clean a rabbit cage?

It is important to perform frequent cleaning to the cage, to prevent the animal from getting sick from excess dirt. First of all, you should take out the rabbit and put it in a safe place, where you can be calm while doing the cleaning. Then, start by removing fresh food that you have not consumed, wash the food bowl and the water bottle. Then clean the litter box, renew the hay and the bedding; It is also important that you clean the floor of the cage with a brush and use hot water with vinegar to remove urine and feces.


Q4: How to secure a rabbit cage with wheels?

To move a cage from one place to another with greater comfort, many models integrate swivel wheels. However, when stabilizing the cage it is important that at least two of its four wheels have a safety brake. In the case of not having a break, you can use a wooden wedge that prevents the movement of the wheels.


Q5: How to put a drinking fountain in a rabbit cage?

You can put water in a bottle or bowl. However, with the bowl, the liquid can easily tip over; while with a bottle the rabbit can drink without spilling. To do this, choose a drip fountain and install it on one side of the cage where the rabbit does not make his needs. Attach it with its metal hooks to the bars and make sure that the nozzle is as low as possible so that the animal can reach it effortlessly.


Q6: What to put in a rabbit cage?

Mainly you should put the bowl with your food, the drinker and your bedding to rest; You also need to put a sandbox or tray for your needs. However, in addition to this and depending on the size of the cage, it is advisable to put the rabbit some toys to entertain in your homes, such as a tunnel, a wheel or a rocker.


Q7: How to make a cage for a dwarf rabbit?

When it comes to dwarf rabbits or the miniature lop breed, it is essential that the spacing of the bars does not exceed 1.5 cm; This is because one of the main causes of death in these rabbits is that their heads get stuck between the bars and die of suffocation. Therefore, when building a cage for this breed, you should pay special attention to this detail. You can design a cage of the size you prefer and with the format you like, the important thing is to give the rabbit not only security but also a comfortable area where you can live in peace.


Q8: Is it advisable to clean the rabbit cage with vinegar?

Vinegar is an ecological and cheap product, it is ideal to help clean any surface and in the case of rabbit cages, it is an excellent alternative to disinfect and eliminate unpleasant odors. Once you have removed all the dirt and debris, apply vinegar in the area that is dirty and leave for a few minutes; Then rinse with plenty of water and let the cage dry outdoors.




How to use a rabbit cage


The trend of having rabbits at home as pets have become very popular lately. However, you must remember that they are animals with the needs of a wild species and that require care for both their health and the habitat where they live. For this, you must pay due attention to the cage where he will spend much of his life.


Verify its dimensions

Having a cage as spacious as possible is an excellent option. Regardless of the size of the animal, rabbits are a species that need physical activity and the more they can move better for their quality of life; the rabbit inside a reduced cage could suffer from anxiety or depression.


Analyze its utility

Animal associations recommend that owners of rabbits offer a safe space of at least 4 square meters, delimited by some type of grid and preferably outdoors so that the animal can move at will and exercise properly (always under the adult supervision). Here in this space, you can mount the cage and give the animal the possibility of taking refuge as if it were his burrow; Likewise, the animal can use it as a nest to sleep, rest and feed whenever it wants.

In any case and given the nature of these animals, experts advise avoiding keeping the rabbit permanently locked inside a cage and without the possibility of running or playing.


Choose the most suitable place

There are cages designed for open spaces, made of weather-resistant materials and there are also those that are suitable for closed environments. If you have a house with a garden or terrace and you want to mount the cage in this environment, remember to protect your pet from direct sun and air currents. For this reason, the most advisable thing is to install it in an indoor place. Also, if the cage is portable and you prefer to place it inside your home, look for a cool and ventilated place, away from any source of heat and where there is no risk of falling or overturning.


Put everything you need in the cage

Regardless of the size of the cage, you must provide your rabbit with everything necessary to maximize its quality of life. In this sense, you should not miss a bowl or bowl where you will put the hay and its daily rations of vegetables and fruit. You should also have a bottle or bottle that provides fresh water 24 hours a day; Also, you should put some blanket, towel or bedding, so that the rabbit can sleep at ease.

It is also important that you include a tray or litter box, to make your needs and to entertain you, you can put some wood to gnaw; as long as it is untreated wood (preferably pine, orange or apple).





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