Best Dog Harnesses For Pulling – Purchase And Comparison Guide In 2020

If you are trying to decide between best dog harnesses for pulling or a collar for your pet, it is important to know the benefits offered by each system, since the dog’s neck houses different structures such as blood vessels, sensitive nerves and glands that can be damaged with use of a collar, so it is recommended to use a harness when you want to take your dog for a walk.

Among the favorite models, the Docamor Nylon harness stands out , which is made with a metal buckle for greater safety and allows you to adjust the belt size easily. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model with quick adjustment and double ring for belt coupling, we recommend the EzyDog ZHDMBLK .

Comparison chart of the best dog harnesses for pulling

Docamor Dog Harness Car Seat Belt

  • This dog harness is one of the best alternatives in terms of quality and price since it is a special model that allows you to adapt to the safety belt easily, in addition to including two replacement tapes at a good price.
  • It is normal for animals to bite things and this object is not saved from those fangs, so it can break if your pet likes to sharpen teeth everywhere.
  • If you are a little tight on budget and looking for a harness model that gives you security and confidence in your car rides, this is undoubtedly a good alternative.

EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness, Dog Seat Belt

  • This harness model has passed different collision tests that certify and guarantee it as a highly safe and quality harness. In addition, it has a double ring system for better coupling with the strap.
  • We will definitely want the best for our pets, but if you are short of money you should look for another alternative since this harness has a fairly high price compared to other similar models.
  • This is an alternative for users who have money availability and look for the best product for their dogs since the quality of their materials and design are impeccable.

Julius-K9 Baby 2, 33-45 cm, Red

  • Ideal for small pets, this harness guarantees greater safety for your puppies or small breed dogs, as it adapts perfectly to the body and, thanks to its velcro strap, you can comfortably secure your pet.
  • It is necessary that you try to accustom your pet to using this type of accessory with time so that you can feel comfortable with it. At first, your dog may want to remove it insistently.
  • If what you are looking for is a harness for your puppy, do not hesitate to give this product a chance, which fits perfectly to the body of your dog, in addition to having a reflective tape.

The Best Dog Harnesses For Pulling

Choosing the best dog harness is an important task, since, if what we are looking for is a comfortable system that keeps our pet protected, we will need to analyze the positive and negative properties of each model, so that we can choose the harness that best fits suit our pet.


Docamor Nylon

This car dog harness works as a safety belt for your dog, helping you to be comfortable and protected inside your car during family walks. It has the possibility of extending from 48.5 cm to 71 cm, allowing your pet to move freely on the back seat of the vehicle safely.

This model stands out as one of the best dog harnesses for pullings of 2020, since it offers great resistance and durability thanks to its manufacture with nylon fabric and with metal buckles and zinc alloy clasps.

This product is designed to be compatible with most cars on the market. This seat belt is approximately 2 cm wide and can be used on pets up to approximately 50 kg.

If you are looking for the best dog harness, we recommend you look at this practical and resistant model that, thanks to its design, guarantees a tangle-free use.


Extension: This harness model allows you to extend its length from 48.5 to 71 cm so that your pet can lie freely on the seat during travel.

Quality: The quality of the materials guarantees long durability and great resistance since the belt is made of nylon and the metal buckles.

Compatibility: You can use this harness with almost any car thanks to its high compatibility with the different models of the market.

Kit: This product includes two ideal units in case you have two pets or want to store a spare harness.


Material: You have to consider that, depending on the breed of your dog, it may have more or less strength in its bite, so it can quickly end the belt.

SlowTon LT-PET8-0-RM

This is a high-quality car dog harness that protects your pet during family trips, keeping it comfortable and safe thanks to its vest-shaped design that wraps comfortably around the dog’s body.

This best dog harnesses for pulling provides great control during your walks or car rides, adjusting perfectly to the dog’s chest and is made with a quality mesh fabric in vinotinto color and fully breathable, which will make your pet feel fresh and comfortable.

This model has four easy-to-put buckles that will help hold your dog quickly. In addition, this homologated car dog harness features two iron-plated nickel rings and a very resistant nylon belt.

If you still do not know what dog harness to buy, we recommend this practical model to securely secure your pet to the car seat when you travel with your family.


Control: This model provides great control over your pet during walks or during trips thanks to its harness design.

Materials: This harness model is very resistant because it is made of a fabric with breathable mesh special for dogs, its belt is nylon and metal rings.

Ease: This product has the advantage of being able to put it on and take it off quickly.


Size: You have to be careful with the size when buying it, since the product may be larger or smaller than indicated.



If you are looking for the best brand of dog harnesses, we recommend this EzyDog model, which stands out for its quality and super comfortable design, which will perfectly fit the body of your pet thanks to its ergonomics.

This model has a quick adjustment thanks to its instant closure system called Mag-Lok. In addition, it has a double ring to attach any dog leash quickly.

As for its materials, the belt is made of the same material as the seat belts of the vehicles and thanks to Crosslink technology, greater resistance to pulling is guaranteed. It comes in sizes S, M and L.

If you are looking for a dog harness, we recommend you to be very attentive to the quality of the materials, since it gives us a greater sense of security and confidence when going for a walk with your pet.


Quality: This best dog harnesses for pulling guarantees a high resistance and quality certificate, since it has passed different collision tests.

Coupling: Thanks to its double D-ring system, you can quickly adapt the strap.

Ergonomic: This model has a very ergonomic chest plate that fits perfectly to your pet’s chest.

Speed: Thanks to its closing system, you will not waste time placing and removing the piece.


Price: The price of this model can be considered one of the highest in the list, being able to find other similar and cheaper models.

SlowTon XXS

If you are looking for the best quality-price dog harness, we recommend you see this model that is considered one of the cheapest on this list, in addition to offering great safety and comfort to your pet.

This dog harness for cars with double anchorage is made with a very durable nylon fabric belt and the vest with a double mesh fabric strap that provides great protection to your dog.

This model is designed to be highly compatible with most vehicles with a standard safety system. This harness comes in size XXS, so it is suitable for small dogs and puppies.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest alternatives in dog harnesses, do not hesitate to look at this product that stands out for its great balance between economy and quality.


Materials: This dog harness is made of double mesh fabric and nylon belt that guarantees great strength and durability.

Safe: The ergonomic design with clasp allows your pet to be safe all the time.

Strap: The strap has a metal hook that can rotate 360 degrees, and it is made with an elastic band that provides comfort.


Compatibility: Remember that there are many types and models of vehicles on the market, so this harness will not be compatible with everyone. Be sure of compatible vehicles before purchasing this product.



This harness model for a small dog guarantees great safety for your pet because it has a robust and waterproof design. In addition, it is coated in scratch-resistant polyester.

It incorporates a reflective tape on the chest and around the harness that helps distinguish your pet in low light and distance.

This small dog harness allows you to hold puppies of 2.5 to 5 kg in weight and, thanks to its robust seams and balanced design, will provide a greater and better distribution of the weight of the dog. In addition, the chest strap has an adjustable velcro latch, which facilitates the placement of the harness.

If you are looking for the best dog harness of the moment that fits your puppy perfectly and comfortably, we recommend this model that thanks to its adjustable velcro strap will not be uncomfortable for your puppy.


Design: This small dog harness has a high level of safety thanks to its robust and resistant design.

Reflective: This model has reflective tape around the harness and chest area and helps you see your pet in the street.

Hoop: This product incorporates a small hoop at the top that facilitates the hooking with the strap.


Custom: It is possible that, until your pet gets used to the harness, your puppy can bite the product and break it.


ThinkPet Reflective

If you are looking for a lightweight harness for your puppy that stands out for being quite breathable and that offers great ease to put it on and take it off quickly, this model will enchant you, since you can keep your puppy fresh thanks to the flexible fabric with meshes.

It has a zinc alloy buckle that allows greater control and safety when holding your dog efficiently. It is a product suitable for puppies up to 7.3 kg approximately.

The material of this harness is reflective and has thick fluorescent bands, which allows you to have a better view of your puppy during the dark. In addition, you can avoid accidents and increase safety for your pets. This product is suitable for dogs and small cats, allowing neck measurements from 36 to 45 cm.

Before choosing your next dog harness, we must take into account the weight of our puppy, so that the harness can hold it efficiently, just as this practical dog harness does.


Ease: The brooch system that it incorporates is very simple to place, so you will not waste much time getting your pet ready to leave.

Materials: This product is made of a very light and fresh breathable fabric, but it offers great quality.

Reflective: It has reflective bands that allow a great view of the puppy in areas with low light.


Adjustment: This harness model may be a little disproportionate to your puppy if you do not take into account the dog measures, so a better adjustment system would be appreciated.


Rabbitgoo DTCW006L

This model of harness for dog antiviruses stands out for having a system of two metal rings, which serve for training dogs or to avoid pulling so that you and your pet will be more comfortable. 

It is considered a quality and very safe dog harness thanks to the straps with reflective lines that will help you to have good visibility during the night, allowing you to avoid unfortunate accidents with your pet.

The antiviruses system of this model efficiently distributes tension and collision evenly in the body, avoiding the typical suffocation of dog collars.

Whenever we look for a harness for our pet, we will need the model to be as safe as possible to ensure the care of our dog. Therefore, we recommend this model that incorporates reflective lines that will help you locate the dog quickly.


Adjustable: This best dog harnesses for pulling is fully adjustable, so you can customize it to the size of your pet. It has 3 neck straps and 2 chest straps that can be adjustable.

Buckles: The strong buckles that this harness incorporates are very resistant and easy to place.

Mesh: The air mesh with which this harness is made perfectly hugs your pet’s body, so it fits optimally.


Weight: This product may be heavier than it looks since it is made of thick fabrics.


AmazonBasics AMZHNS-005

For users who have larger pets, with an approximate weight of 36 to 50 kilograms, this large dog harness is an ideal alternative, since it is an extra-large model perfect to be able to take it for a walk safely and confidently.

On the other hand, this model includes five adjustment points, which guarantee greater comfort for your pet. In addition, this harness has a special design that prevents pressure on the dog’s neck, so it will not run the risk of suffocation.

This product is made with the high quality and very resistant nylon strap and the oxford fabric padding, padded enough to make your dog more comfortable.

If you plan to look at all the alternatives that the market offers you, we recommend you take a look at this model, which incorporates two attachment points to avoid pulling the strap.


Dimensions: This is an ideal alternative for large dogs weighing up to 50 kg.

Leash: In addition, this dog harness model includes a 25.4 cm leash.

Adjustment: Thanks to the five adjustment points, this harness guarantees greater comfort for your pet.


Size: Size problems are very frequent when you want to buy a dog harness online, so you should measure your puppy.

Guide to buying a dog harness

The safety and comfort of our pet is something that is priceless, so it is very important to take care of certain aspects that dog harnesses have before choosing one. We must bear in mind that the market is full of models that differ in size, color, materials, etc., so we have made the decision to make a guide to buy the best dog harness that facilitates your work at the time of choosing

Shopping guide

Closure system

One of the first aspects that you should look carefully at when choosing a new harness for your dog is the closure system that has the product. This can be velcro, plastic brooch or eyelets like traditional leashes, so you should choose the model that is most comfortable for your dog. For example, for a small dog, a system of heavy snaps may be a bit uncomfortable, in addition to the fact that a small dog or puppy does not have the same strength as a large one. Therefore, this feature depends directly on the size of our dog.

Of course, the closure system largely determines the safety provided by the harness to our dog, so it is very advisable to choose a system according to our pet and that guarantees its safety without hurting it.

Manufacturing materials

In all comparisons of dog harnesses, it is inevitable to talk about manufacturing materials as a basic feature when choosing a harness. The market offers from models of heavy fabrics to made in breathable meshes or, even, with tape design only.

However, this point has a lot to do with the design presented by the model, so we must be aware of the quality of the fabric and the belt. Normally, the leashes are made of resistant and quality nylon, to ensure the best protection for our pet. In this sense, choose a harness that is comfortable and that is made of fresh materials that do not cause irritation to your pet’s skin, but that is firm and safe. Also, take care that the fabric is hypoallergenic so that you take care of your dog’s skin.

It is clear that a cheap harness will not be manufactured with the best materials or with the most resistance, so we recommend you directly discard these models. The idea is to choose a quality product that, although expensive, can guarantee you greater protection and safety. Therefore, on this occasion, before looking for the most economical model or asking how much it costs, take care of the quality of the harness.


Obviously, one of the main things you should take care of is the harness dimensions, being one of the most important points, since an unadjusted harness can cause our dog to let go and escape easily. It is extremely important that you measure your dog carefully, from the neck to the bottom, so that you can ensure a perfect fit. We do not recommend adopting any harness that is large to prevent your pet from letting go.

However, there are harness models that allow adapting to different dog sizes optimally, which offer great quality and safety. On the other hand, if you have any questions about the size of your dog, we recommend choosing a size larger than you think since you will surely have the possibility to adjust it. It is essential to choose a harness that is adjustable to the body and other dimensions of the dog such as its neck and waist.


Keep in mind that not all harnesses are the same , much less that all dogs are equal, so manufacturers have designed various harnesses with different usability. You have to know the activity that is going to be done with them, before choosing. As, for example, there are models that allow being adapted to the seat belts of your ideal vehicle for people traveling with their pets, while other models of dog harnesses allow, only, to adapt a leash to walk with the dog in the Park.


Finally, do not forget that your pets feel, just like you, so you should take care of the comfort provided by the harness to your pet. Find a model that has some type of padding and that allows you to adjust the measure so that it fits your dog’s body better.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Since when can a dog harness be used?

Actually, there is no age indicated for the dog to start using a harness, however, it must be taken into account that a puppy must be more than a couple of months old. In addition, it will depend largely on the size of your pet and the way in which you have become accustomed to using it since the first approach to a leash or harness of your puppy should be very nice and nothing stressful for the animal. It is also advisable to wait for the puppy’s skin to have matured a little before placing any type of accessories.

Q2: How to place a car dog harness?

First of all, you have to know the model you have. Generally, these car dog harnesses are made up of two parts, the harness and a leash that joins the seat belt. First, the harness should be placed on your pet, introducing the front legs through the holes in the harness. The hind legs are left free, while the neck area should be loose enough so that it does not hang the dog. When your pet is wearing the harness, the leash is attached to the car’s seat belt according to the model, so that your pet is secured to it.

Q3: How does an anti-scratch dog harness work?

Taking into account that each dog is not the same and that some may present problems because they are more delicate in terms of their skin, it is preferable to choose a special anti-scratch harness, which has a design where the elastic band that passes through the chest of Your pet is made of a much more comfortable material such as polyester, so it is much softer and more flexible, to avoid friction and uncomfortable chafing of your dog.

Q4: How to make a dog harness with a rope?

To make a harness with ropes, you must first measure two key parts of the dog’s body, its neck, and torso, making a circle over them. Then with the rope, wrap the dog’s torso in a circle and tie it with a double knot at the top. Next, cut the rope. Repeat the same with the dog’s neck. Continue joining the two circles with a rope, taking care that it has a little slack so that your pet can move freely. Finally, adapt a clip to the rope that joins the two circles and you will have your handmade harness.

Q5: Which is better, dog harness or collar?

The two systems, in general, have the same function, which is to maintain a connection between you and the dog, using a leash to be able to take your pet for a walk without escaping, especially if it is not used to following you, is ideal for walks to the park, beach or mountain. However, it is very important to know that the main difference between both models is that the collar is much more dangerous for the dog since it can cause choking or suffocation by giving the typical pulls. In contrast, dog harnesses maintain the dog’s safety without causing harm, since they distribute the tension caused by the pull throughout the dog’s body.

Q6: Is a harness for dogs safe with light?

The collars and harnesses for dogs are as safe as their similar ones without lighting since manufacturers have taken care to design these new models with hypoallergenic and resistant materials that do not cause irritation to your dog. In addition, most of them are designed to withstand the bite of a dog, however, it is preferable to place these harness models on dogs that are already a bit larger and accustomed to using leashes.

Q7: What advantage does an approved dog harness have?

An approved dog harness will guarantee that the product has been tested and has passed all the certificates of quality and ergonomics that this type of product must go through to guarantee the well-being of our pets. Therefore, always take care that the harness you choose for your pet has an approval certificate that guarantees its quality.

Q8: What is a dog harness for not pulling?

Choosing a dog harness with the anti-pull system is one of the best solutions when it comes to wanting to avoid the risks associated with the use of collars, which are much more aggressive. The antiviruses harness allow you to quickly regain control over your pet, guide it efficiently along the way and, most importantly, teach it to walk without the need to pull hard, avoiding drowning.

How to use a dog harness

There are many models of dog harnesses on the market, each with its unique closure system, so knowing them all would be impossible, however, all harnesses work with some closure system such as a brooch or a tape that helps hold the product to the dog’s body. This is why you have to know how this accessory should be placed and that it is not an uncomfortable or traumatic moment for your pet.

Clear an appropriate place

First, unfasten the harness and place it on the floor. For this, it is important that you have clear and clean soil so that you can move freely. The chosen place must be large enough to be comfortable, next to the dog, when proceeding to place the harness. Spread the strips on the floor to make it easier to put them. In case the harness model you have has a cover or vest, make sure that the outside is facing the ground so that it fits well.

Ask your dog what it feels like

Next, ask your dog to sit behind the harness and be still. In case your pet still does not know how to follow orders, ask a partner to help you, holding it from behind. Then, place the front legs of the dog in the openings of the harness stretched on the floor, taking care that each leg is in a different opening. Some harness models indicate which leg passes through which opening so that the harness is completely straight. 

Pull the harness tapes

Next, throw the ribbons that extended on the floor upward, so that they surround the dog’s body and not its neck. The openings will fit the upper part of the front legs of the dog and the chest, so you should carry the strips up, surrounding the dog’s abdomen until it reaches its back. It is possible that the harness has more than one hook, so you should make sure you place them all well. Some models have a hook on the shoulders and another on the lower back of the dog.

Do not forget to secure the hook

When you attach the two parts of each clasp or hook, make sure you hear a click that is the sound that will ensure you have been hooked. It is recommended that you try to pull each end a little to make sure it is very safe. Remember that safety comes first.

Adjust the harness straps

At this point, it is important that you adjust the harness straps so that they adapt properly to your pet’s body and you can guarantee that it will not jump or fall. This is very important to do, especially if the harness is one size larger or just fits your dog a little bit. Make sure the harness does not move or comes out of the legs or head and remember to do this step every time you put the harness on your pet.

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