The Best Bird Cages – Purchase And Comparison Guide In 2020

Bird cages are as functional as they are decorative. A good example of the best bird cages is the WilTec 51384 model , a flirtatious wooden cage whose height is 174 cm. It consists of useful accessories such as a tray for excrement, several stairs and sticks for the birds to rest. You cannot miss the Green Petcuore model either . The main quality of this product is that it is designed to catch small birds, such as goldfinches, canaries or sparrows. It is a green bird cage equipped with a rocker to facilitate the process of catching the animal.

Comparison chart of the best bird cages

Birdhouse wooden cage birdcage birdcage

  • This cage draws attention to the quality of its materials, is made of wood. It is a very spacious model and has useful accessories, such as a tray for excrement, several innkeepers for birds and a ladder.
  • It is important to take into account the enormous size of this birdcage, as it may not be suitable for any home.
  • A very beautiful cage that will add a decorative touch to the environment where it is located. It is aimed primarily at birds like goldfinches or canaries. It is resistant and perfect to place in a garden.


  • An ideal model for those who want a cage with a trap, thanks its structure with great detail. It is accompanied by various accessories very useful for the day to day of the birds.
  • In the opinion of some users, the rockers of this cage do not fulfill their function 100%, since they do not return to their original position automatically.
  • It is a birdcage that boasts an extraordinary value for money. If you are looking for a model for small birds, do not hesitate to consider this option.

HABAU Aviary 1664

  • This birdcage has a very nice and striking design, being made of wood and crowned by a charming roof. Because of its size, the birds will have more space in their day to day.
  • One user has commented that interior cleaning can be a bit complicated by the cage’s own distribution and design.
  • A beautiful and spacious model to place in the garden or in any available corner of the home. He is careful to detail and has extras that distinguish him from other similar models.

The Best Bird Cages-Reviews In 2020

If you are thinking of acquiring a bird and you already have one, but you want to replace the old cage with another, it is time to think about the comfort of your pet. As comfort is not at odds with the design, we encourage you to take a look at some of the best bird cages of 2020.


WilTec 51384


This wooden birdcage is an ideal option especially if you are looking for a large model. Not surprisingly, it has a height of 174 cm, a width of 75 cm and a depth of 60 cm. These dimensions translate into an article where different birds can live in peace and harmony.

It is, in fact, indicated to accommodate small birds such as finches, goldfinches or canaries. Of robust materials, it is a cage suitable for the outside. Moreover, it is an ideal model to place in a garden. It weighs about 19.5 kg.

It includes all kinds of accessories such as wooden sticks, where the birds can rest; a small ladder to go up and down; and a tray at the bottom of the cage to facilitate the collection of excrement. The two cage doors are perfect for the owner’s interaction with the birds. Being coated with metal meshes, birds will always have fresh air.

In case you are wondering which is the best bird cage for several birds to live, bet on this large model.


Material: This cage is made of wood, resistant material and ideal for placing in the garden.

Accessories: Includes various accessories such as sticks for the birds to rest, a tray to collect droppings and a small ladder.

Mesh: The cage has a metal mesh that lets the air through and allows optimal viewing of the birds.


Size: This is a large model, especially suitable for outdoor placement. Make sure you have enough space.

Ferplast Giulietta

Made of wood and steel bars, this cage is excellent for smaller birds, such as the canaries, and also exotic species. It is a model available in beige or black, so it will not clash at all in any environment. The wood has been treated to provide it with impermeability and greater resistance.

This wooden birdcage is fully equipped so that the small inhabitants do not lack anything. Among the accessories included, we find two removable rotating feeders, a trough, a hook indicated for vegetables and three plastic bars for the rest of the birds.

Measuring 57 x 30 x 50 cm, it has a simple and functional design. It contains a removable plastic tray to facilitate the collection of dirt and, therefore, to favor the maintenance of the cage.

If you don’t know what birdcage to buy, make sure it is a practical, manageable and, above all, suitable model for your birds.


Design: This cage sports a basic and functional design. Available in beige or black, it is made of sustainable wood treated for greater resistance.

Accessories: It has various accessories for bird comfort: two feeders, a drinking fountain, a vegetable hook and three innkeepers.

Maintenance: Thanks to the fact that it consists of a removable bottom tray, the collection of dirt and the maintenance of the cage is facilitated.

Bars: The bars of this cage are made of steel and are varnished for maximum durability.


Size: Due to its size, this model is only suitable for small birds.


Green Petcuore

 If you are one of those who want a bird trap cage, then you can not fail to consider this model marketed by Petcuore. It has a green structure that includes two rockers to facilitate the capture of all types of small birds.

The operation is very simple. The idea is that the bird is in any of these rockers, where the food will be strategically located. When the system detects weight, then, the bird is trapped in the cage.

It is a model made of resistant materials, wire type, while the accessories of the cage are made of plastic, such as the innkeeper or the feeder and drinker. Considered one of the cheapest bird cages, according to the seller it is appropriate for birds such as goldfinches, canaries or diamonds.

A cage with a trap and a rocker can be exactly what you need if your goal is to catch small birds.


Management: This cage stands out for its easy handling and any member of the household can use it to catch small birds.

Design: This is a compact and green design model that will blend perfectly in all types of environments and environments.

Accessories: The cage is accompanied by several plastic accessories for the day to day of the bird, such as a feeder, a trough and an innkeeper.


Seesaw: According to several users, the rocker does not return to its original position automatically, but must be done manually.

Finca Casarejo TC01


Easy to use, this bird trap cage is made of galvanized wire, an ideal material for this kind of gadget. Another remarkable feature is that it is painted in camouflage green in order to blend in with nature.

The mechanics are simple. It is enough to leave some food for birds in the inner feeder and wait for someone to bite the hook. In the upper hatch, there is a hole through which birds animated by the smell of food will access. When placed in the trapdoor, it will open and then be captured. Of course, without suffering any damage.

To free the trapped birds, there is a front door. Another detail to assess is that the cage has a projection to be hung on a tree or elsewhere. It has dimensions of 39x25x31 cm.

The best brand of bird cages will be in charge of offering users maximum guarantees. A good example is this model.


Material: Painted in camouflage green, this cage is made of galvanized wire, a strong and solid material.

Handling: Easy to use, just place the food inside and wait. When the bird is in the trapdoor, it will open and be captured.

Hanger: The cage incorporates a practical hanger for a comfortable location. For example, to be hung on a tree.


Dimensions: Due to the dimensions of this model (39x25x31 cm), it is only suitable for capturing smaller birds.


HABAU 1664


With a height of 160 cm, a width of 62 cm and a depth of 58 cm, this model stands out for its enormous dimensions. It has two doors of 52.5 × 43 cm to access the inside of the cage, while, on the sides, practical feeding caps are located.

It is a cage for large birds made of wood and roof with sanding bitumen plate. The rear part is covered with a piece of wood, although the sides and the front part are covered with wire. This network allows us to perfectly visualize the small inhabitants while letting the air pass.

At the bottom, this cage has a removable sheet tray to facilitate the cleaning of the cage. This includes a handle so that its extraction is very simple. Due to its characteristics, this model could very well be the best birdcage.

For larger birds, such as nymphs, cockatoos or parrots, you will have to select a cage that suits your specific needs.


Dimensions: This cage has dimensions of 160x62x58 cm, a great size for larger birds.

Doors: It has two 52.5 × 43 cm front doors that open easily by means of a handle.

Ceiling: The roof is made of sanded bitumen plate and sports an inclined design.

Tray: At the bottom, it incorporates a removable tray that contributes to easier maintenance.


Material: Although it is a cage made of wood, in the opinion of some users it is somewhat soft, so certain birds could peck it.

Rectangular Estate


This cage for large birds has measures of 90x76x45 cm, which translates into a spacious interior so that the birds are more comfortable and to add more accessories. It is made of dark metal and is rectangular in shape.

By design, it will not clash at all with the environment in which you place it. It is accompanied by three mobile wooden hangers that can be placed at different heights so that the cage becomes a true home for birds. Also, bring two handles on the sides to facilitate the transfer from one site to another.

By including four plates of transparent plastic and a removable base tray of 75.5x45x4 cm covered with a rack, you will have everything you need for your birds to be in optimal conditions. The front door measures 28 × 24.7 cm so that access to the inside of the cage is favored.

The best birdcage of the moment is one that will allow the birds to be in a real home.


Material: This cage is made of dark metal, a material that ensures a long life to the product.

Accessories: Includes three wooden bars to place at different heights and four transparent plastic plates, specially designed to visualize the level of food and drink.

Handles: The cage has two handles on both sides. In this way, its handling is ostensibly facilitated.


Assembly: A user claims to have encountered certain difficulties for the assembly of the cage, although with the help of the instructions, in the end it went well.

Other products

Yaheetech White


This model is not only one of the cheap bird cages at your fingertips, but one of the most comfortable. The reason is that it is equipped with a structure with wheels so that moving the cage is done effortlessly.

Made of iron and plastic, this cage has a height of 48.6 cm, a width of 40.5 cm and a depth of 36.9 cm. It has two side doors and is equipped with all kinds of accessories: wooden bars, two plastic feeders, and a removable plastic bottom tray.

The cage is accompanied by a practical wheelbarrow with four wheels to take it from one place to another. The total height of the set is 118 cm. If you prefer, you can hold it with the handle to move it where you want. This wheelbarrow has a useful basket to store the food and other belongings of the bird.

If you are looking for the best price-quality birdcage, this model might interest you.


Wheels: The article includes a practical cart with four 360º swivel wheels to facilitate the transport of the cage.

Basket: This cart consists of an ideal basket to store bird food, cleaning supplies and other small objects.

Structure: The cage has a fairly solid structure, being made of iron and plastic.


Color: This cage is available only in white, so if you prefer other darker and more discreet tones, it may not be a model of your liking.


DWY 9518


The design of this model does not go unnoticed, because it is a cage of round format and elegant appearance. Made of stainless steel, it is a corrosion resistant, durable and very stable item.

It is a portable cage with a handle that will allow you to move it from one place to another with total comfort. With a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 50 cm, this model is especially suitable for birds such as canaries, cockatoos and diamonds. This cage is also available in a larger size, specifically, 34 cm in diameter and 54 cm in height.

Among its advantages, we find that it is a product that guarantees optimum ventilation and is breathable. Its hook-shaped handle allows the cage to be hung where the user thinks it is convenient.

There are very elegant cage models that, besides being very functional, are presented as highly decorative elements.


Design: The sober and flirty design is the most applauded of this cage because it has a round format and makes it very manageable.

Handle: It incorporates a hook-shaped handle that facilitates the transfer of the cage from one place to another.

Material: It is made of stainless steel. It is a material known for its durability and corrosion resistance.


Size: Because of its size, the cage is especially suitable for birds such as diamonds or canaries, which means that it is not entirely suitable for larger birds.

Guide to buying a birdcage

Birds bring a lot of happiness to the home. Therefore, it is convenient that they live in a comfortable home and that they have everything they need to be a pet to accompany you for many years. Below, you will find a guide to buying the best birdcage on the market. Check out all the aspects you should consider before making a decision.


Shopping guide

Bird cage size

A first aspect to consider when purchasing a birdcage is the size. It is a detail closely linked to the species of bird you intend to inhabit. There are those who think that, in order not to fail, the idea is to bet on a model that is the bigger, the better. However, if you have space problems in your home, this may not be good advice.

So, the idea is that you choose a model taking into account the dimensions of the bird. At this point, it is convenient that you know how much the bird measures with its wings spread. This data will give you the minimum cage measurements. Multiply by three this amount to choose a good and economical cage with wisdom.

Of course, you will also have to think that, even though the accessories are enormously useful, they also reduce space. Weigh this detail when choosing one size or another. Finally, consider the number of birds that will live in the cage. As you can guess, the cage must be spacious so that they all live with maximum comfort.

Bird Cage Design

Design is another key factor in a birdcage comparison. In addition to color, it refers to other aspects such as shape. It is clear that the choice of one model or another responds, after all, to the personal tastes of each one, but it will also be necessary to assess which design is more suitable for one species or another.

Broadly speaking, a cage can be square, round or rectangular. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. Rectangular or square models have the advantage that they adapt well to any corner or corner of the home, taking better advantage of the space. Also, the birds are sure that there will always be a point (near the wall) where they do not have to worry about someone approaching them by surprise, which can reduce their anxiety.

For their part, round cages are more advisable from the point of view of cleaning, since they do not have any angle or corner that can make it difficult to maintain these items.

Bird cage bars

The type of bars is another element to consider before asking how much a birdcage costs. Do not forget that birds will tend to peck them, so it is vital, first of all, that they are resistant and, secondly, that they are made of non-harmful materials.

Indispensable is also to look at the distance between each bar. At this point, the size of the birds that will inhabit the cage must be taken into account. This space should be at least 1.5 cm, so that the air can pass properly, but, at the same time, avoid the flight of birds.

If, for example, you are looking for a cage for canaries or lovebirds, this separation between bars should not be less than that 1.5 cm, since they are small birds. In the event that your idea is to select a cage for other larger birds, such as parrots, this space could increase even up to 2 or 3 cm.

In relation to the orientation of the bars (horizontal or vertical), if you want a cage for larger birds, opt for one with horizontal bars. In this way, they can climb them and stay more active.


Manufacturing material for bird cages

Finally, you will have to evaluate the different materials of the manufacture of the cages and choose the optimal one. Generally, these are usually made of resistant and anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel. This also allows simple cleaning.

There are those who prefer cages made of natural materials such as wood. The biggest advantage is aesthetics, as they are great for adding a rustic touch. The disadvantage is that they are not recommended for all species, as they could deteriorate when pecked by birds.

Whichever material you choose, make sure it does not have a paint finish, as this could be toxic to animals.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Are bird cages legal?

Catching a bird with a trap cage is legal only rarely. By law, those practices related to the so-called hobby of sylvestrism are admitted, that is, that oriented to the capture of a bird for breeding or to train it in singing.

It is possible to use trap cages, then, only to catch small birds of the family of the fringílidos: goldfinches, wild canaries or finches, among others. Likewise, the use of these birdcages with hunting interests is also allowed. The directive prohibits in all cases the use of stocks and methods of harmful capture for animals.

Q2 How to restore a vintage birdcage?

An old cage can be restored in just a few steps to make it look like new. If it is metallic, the first thing you should do is wash it well with soap and water and disinfect it. Subsequently, remove the rust with the help of a wire brush and use sandpaper to make any surface smooth and smooth. Next, you should apply a primer coat. The idea is to protect the cage from corrosion. Finally, apply a coat of paint suitable for this type of item.

Q3 What should outside bird cages have?

The cages for outdoor birds are, in principle, more resistant than those that are suitable for indoor. The reason is that they will be subjected to all kinds of weather conditions (rain, sun, wind), so they must be made of sufficiently robust materials so that they do not deteriorate easily. Also, this type of cages is usually equipped with elements that facilitate its placement in different parts of a garden or patio, for example, such as hooks or feet.

Q4 Which is better: a birdcage made of wood or metal?

The wooden bird cages are perhaps more aesthetic since they are responsible for adding a natural and rustic touch to the environment where it will be installed. However, they are not entirely recommended for larger birds, since their pecks could deteriorate them in a short time. Hence they are advised for small birds such as canaries or goldfinches. For its part, metal cages are characterized by being of great resistance and ideal for both large and small birds. Of course, make sure they do not have a toxic paint finish for animals.

Q5 How to paint a birdcage?

Before painting a birdcage, you will need to ensure that it is free of rust, smooth and conveniently disinfected. To do this, you are going to have to use a wire brush and sandpaper. Once you have removed any roughness or irregularity, apply a coat of primer. This product will prevent rust. As for the paint, you can use a spray product for convenience. Finally, let dry for at least two weeks before putting the bird back.

Q6 Are trapper bird cages safe for animals?

The trapping cages for birds are 100% safe since the bird does not suffer any damage. When approaching the bait and perching on the hatch, it simply opens and gets caught in the lower floor of the cage. The birds are caught alive without prejudice.

Q7 How to make a wooden birdcage?

Before you start making the birdcage, you must take into account what are the appropriate dimensions. To do this, cut and sand the wooden slats that will make up the cage structure. To join them, use a hammer and nails. So that the bird does not escape, bet on a wire mesh that acts as a coating. You can use a DIY stapler to attach it to the slats. Cut the space where the door will go over the mesh. Join it with hinges.

Q8 How to clean a birdcage?

Hygiene is essential in the case of bird cages, as it is essential that they live in a hygienic habitat. If you look, the vast majority of the models have a removable bottom tray that collects bird droppings. It is advisable to clean it with a certain frequency, as well as all the accessories of the cage. Dip them in hot water and rub them with a brush or sponge.

Also, it is recommended that you rub the bars with disinfectant well at least once a week to eliminate impurities that may have become embedded in use. You can dry the accessories or wait for them to dry. Then, it is time to refill the water and food bowls respectively and place them in place. From now on, the bird can return home.

How to use a birdcage

A birdcage should be an article that guarantees 100% comfort for our pets. These are homes for birds, hence they have to be selected taking into account all the variables. These are accompanied by different accessories with the aim that the bird has everything you need in your day today. Next, we tell you how to use a birdcage so that you can take advantage of all its functionalities.

Choose a place to locate it

The first thing is to choose a place to place the cage. It is important to choose a luminous place, with natural light, but make sure that it does not fully give the bird. Also, remember to select a corner away from strong air currents that could bother the animal. A good environment could be the living room, although not too close to the TV since noise could disturb you. In any case, neither the corridor nor the kitchen is usually conducive environments for the location of the cage.

Clean and disinfect the birdcage

Although freshly purchased, it is essential to disinfect and clean the cage. To do this, remove the removable tray and accessories and immerse them for a few minutes in hot soapy water. Piece by piece, go rubbing them with a sponge. Let dry outdoors. As for the cage itself, use a brush to rub the bars and the entire structure with detergent.

Put a piece of newspaper on the tray

The removable tray has the mission of collecting the droppings and impurities of the birds. It is an element that must be cleaned with some assiduity. To keep it as hygienic as possible, do not forget to place the newspaper on it. In this way, you will only have to remove it and replace it with a new one when it is dirty.

Place the different accessories inside the cage

When placing the feeders and drinkers, think about the comfort of the bird. Do not place them too high, so that they access them well. It also locates the innkeepers, swings and the rest of the elements that will contribute to making the bird’s day to day much happier. Again, make sure they are distributed correctly. Remember that the idea is that the bird can move freely inside and its movements are not hindered by a cage too crowded.

Locate the birdcage

Depending on the selected corner, it is possible that you are going to place the cage on a flat surface or hanging from the wall, on a hooked foot, etc. If you are going to place it in height, make sure that there is no risk that the cage can fall. Keep in mind, among other factors, the movement of the bird.

Insert the bird in the cage

The last thing is to introduce the bird into its new home. Do it slowly and gently. To do this, open the cage door and let it inspect it at your own pace.

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