Amphibian Terrariums Are Now Educational Level

Today, terrariums of amphibians of an educational nature are considered. In this sense, it has been recreated in a large glass box with the habitat that frogs require to live comfortably in the City Museum in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

In this same one, there are about 12 frogs of endemic species that you will be able to know after its discovery in Cuenca, being this unique species in the world.

During the exhibition of one of the best terrariums  of the endemic species frogs discovered in Cuenca, several students were included who could clearly observe with suspicion the way of life of these amphibians, and although They generated a little fear they could notice the value they represent for nature.

On the other hand, a biologist named José Cáceres said that the terrarium is designed to be used as an instrument of education and dissemination for citizens, with the intention of creating awareness, leaving behind the diversity of myths that exist with respect to these animals. Well, it should be noted that the species discovered fulfills a great ecological work since these frogs are able to control the appearance of pests that proliferate in the swamps. In addition, they are animals that can only be obtained in Basins, therefore they must be protected.

Very apart from using this terrarium as an educational method for children, adolescents, and adults; It is also about instilling awareness in people who think that amphibians are animals that generate disease and dirt. Well, if something is very clear, it has been shown that this species is the opposite, that is, that these unique species fulfill the fundamental role of cleaning the spaces in which it is located or inhabited.

Types of terrariums

There are different types of terrariums that allow you to closely observe the life of some amphibians. If you are interested in knowing a little more about them, then we will describe the most common ones you can find.

Wooded terrariums

Forested terrariums are usually of two types, that is, those that mimic a semi-dry, or semi-humid habitat. In this sense, everything depends on the number of plants that exist inside, since the smaller the number of them, the terrarium’s environment will be drier and vice versa. These being the two options of forested terrariums for amphibians, the truth is that they should always be well simulated because even the substrate that you must have must be composed of tree bark, dried leaves, as well as small branches. The idea will always be to give frogs a special habitat, just as if they were free in nature.

On the other hand, wooded terrariums are characterized by having philodendron plants, since these are suitable to recreate the habitat that amphibians need to live well. Similarly, the inclusion of trunks with branches should not be forgotten, so that animals can hide among these elements.

Glass terrariums

Another type of terrarium special for amphibians are glass since they allow you to easily recreate the different conditions in which they originally inhabit nature, they are also considered the most appropriate. Also, depending on the quality of the habitat that you can recreate inside, this terrarium could be the permanent home of amphibians that you prefer to have at home as exotic pets. Best of all, if you achieve proper manipulation of the terrarium, it could last you in perfect condition for a considerable time.

Mesh terrariums

Another idea of ​​the terrarium is those made of mesh. These have the main function of transporting amphibians of your choice from one place to another. In this way, you could provide them with the ventilation they need to stay safe especially when it comes to long journeys. Likewise, it is important to take into account the fact that they are not as resistant as glass terrariums, therefore, you will have to provide them with adequate care before each use.


These terrariums undoubtedly result from the most complete available in the market, as they offer you the opportunity to provide amphibians with two types of areas to keep them comfortable and happy. In this way, it is the fusion of two environments, that is, the aquatic and the terrestrial, considering that some frogs usually spend a lot of time in the water, therefore offering them a well-adapted habitat, such as the one they were used to Inhabiting will be vital for its development.

Similarly, amphibians, as they usually spend a lot of time in the water, also do it on land, therefore, the most appropriate will be to provide them with a comfortable and safe space, where they can enjoy both factors without any inconvenience. It should be noted that the land area must have dry substrates and special plants to provide semi-aquatic animals with a correct combination of the two special environments for survival.

Even if you already know some types of special terrariums for amphibians, you should consider giving the frogs the degree of moisture they need to feel comfortable, as is, as if they were in their natural habitat.

In this sense, you would have to use a special rain system to carry out such an action, or even some fog generator. These same ones you could find in the market at very reasonable prices. Also, experts recommend installing a water pump to renew the water in the terrarium, so you could easily include a waterfall inside if you wish.

In conclusion, if you enjoy the company of exotic animals at home such as amphibians, you should take into account the different terrarium options that could be ideal to recreate their natural habitat without any inconvenience. Even according to the type of amphibian you adopt you will have to decorate the interior of the terrarium to provide you with the maximum comfort possible. Also, you should not forget about keeping the different areas of the terrarium in good condition, that is, clean and tidy so that they enjoy an appropriate standard of living and can always stay healthy.

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