3 Alternatives To Travel Safely With Your Pet

As you well know, to travel safely with a pet in any means of transport you must follow some guidelines and recommendations to protect both your integrity and the integrity of the animal.  In this space we will give you some tips and alternatives that you could use to travel with greater comfort and safety regardless of your destination or means of transport.

Travel security systems

If you are planning a trip with your pet soon, you should consider a couple of things first: the means of transport, the breed of your dog or cat and the requirements of the transfer company. After you have verified that you meet the requirements and have the necessary paperwork to travel without inconvenience or delays, you can choose which security method you will use to take your pet with you.

Now we will indicate which are the security systems most used by some users, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that they present:

1. Dog carrier

The most popular and practical option may be the carriers. These products are designed so that you can carry the pet as if it were part of a luggage.

One of the advantages offered by a dog or cat carrier, is that the market is quite wide in this category, so you have endless brands and models to choose from. Likewise, there are also different types of carriers, either according to their type of material or structural design.

For example, you can opt for a rigid standard carrier, but you must ensure that it has the appropriate dimensions so that your pet can comfortably go inside, as well as providing some type of mattress or sheets to lie on. Do not forget to verify that the carrier has vents that allow proper air circulation.

If you do not want a rigid model, you also have multiple options made of leather, synthetic materials, fabric, etc. These can be found, in the same way, in different sizes and designs, so if you look carefully you can buy the most suitable for both you and your pet.

In addition to this, a couple of years ago the backpack-shaped carriers have been popularized, which allow the pet to be carried on the back. Of course, they are usually designed for small breeds.

2. Car partition

The dividing grilles are very useful for trips in the car. This product consists of a grid capable of blocking access to the front seats, so that the rear of the car can become a kind of “cabin” for the pet. They are usually very easy to install and, like other products for dogs and cats, you can also find different options according to their capacity, size, manufacturing materials, etc.

The advantage offered by the dividing grid is that it allows the animal more space to move, as well as giving you the possibility of traveling with a large dog, but it is not able to keep the animal in a fixed position in case of a vehicle crash.

3. Belt with harness

Finally, we find the belts with harness. These belts can have one or two hooks depending on your model. If you opt for the first option, you will get a harness for your pet that you can secure in the hitch of your car. In case you acquire the belt with two hooks, its function will be to use one of the hooks to tie the dog or cat collar and the other to connect with the car hook. This system, although easy to use and may be one of the most economical alternatives, may not be the safest for your pet, since, in the event of a collision, it would not be completely protected and could be hit with the sides and even with the roof of the vehicle and be in danger.


Limitations of some means of transport

You should also consider that some means of transport have certain reservations when allowing the entry of animals to their facilities. For example, if you are going to travel by plane it is necessary that before you even buy the ticket; check on the official website of the airline what is your policy about traveling with pets, as well as the requirements. Many airlines have stipulations regarding the weight of the animal and the size of the carrier, which, for the most part, cannot exceed certain dimensions because, due to safety measures, it must be placed under the seat.

If you are going to travel with a large breed animal, it is likely that it should go in the hold, which is why it is even more important to take into account in detail all aspects of the carrier you are going to use, as well as make sure that The cellar has an air conditioning system.

In the case of road trips, it is necessary that you contact the transport company to also review what your policy is and what it takes to travel with a dog or cat. However, practically to be able to travel using any means of transport, you will have to present health certificates that prove the good health of your pet.


General recommendations for traveling with the pet

Regardless of the means of transport you choose or where you are going, it is recommended that you always have the vaccination card of your furry friend, as well as their health certificates, identification cards or any other documentation that could be available requested at a checkpoint.

Also, you must take into account the time that the transfer will take, be it a short walk or a long trip, since, in order to know which dog carrier to buy, you must take into account both your comfort and the comfort of your pet.

Do not forget to also provide water, food and ventilation during all stages of the trip, as well as to ensure that you have the necessary space to stretch and change position if you wish.

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